Friendship Park

Come out and play!

Friendship Park is the place to be – summer or winter!

Friendship Park (1631 West 34th Place), located right off Avenue A in the Valley, is a quiet park with many amenities. It is right behind Desert Sun Stadium and in the same complex as the Yuma Civic Center.

From 32nd St., head south on Ave. A and make a right just after the Fire Station. Head towards the water tower and follow the curve to the left. The playground will be on your left and the water feature will be on your right (under the water tower).


Friendship Park is great for playdates and group gatherings because there usually are not many other people at the park.  Also, it has picnic tables and large trees that provide shade and some relief from the sun. The playground itself is not shaded, so keep that in mind as the weather gets hotter.

This area has much more to offer than just a playground! Once summer hits, be sure to check out their excellent water feature.  My kids like to climb on the concrete animals (elephant, whale, dinosaur, dolphin and sea lion, I think!) even when the water is turned off for the winter, but what a great way to cool off (FOR FREE!) in the summer months.

Looking for a fun affordable way to cool off this summer?  Yuma has a couple of water parks, including this one at Friendship Park.  Enjoy the elephant, dinosaur, dolphin and more as they spray water.  There’s a button to push for about 15 minutes of water play at a time.  Have you been yet this summer?

Friendship park has tennis courts across from the playground and gazebo area, and there are restrooms located between the tennis courts. Have fun!

(Please click here to find Friendship Park on a map)

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