Casa de Ninos Preschool

Casa de Ninos Preschool
958 E 16th St.
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 782-7770
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Casa de Ninos offers offers full day, half day, after school care, and drop-in service.

Casa de Ninos has 5 difference classrooms – 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and 4s/5s (which is pre-K, for the kids that are not old enough to start kindergarten at the state cut off date).  They offer 1/2 day or full day schedules, you can do as little as 2 days a week or as many as 5 days a week, and a hot lunch and snacks are included in the tuition.  Each class has its own age appropriate schedule, but in all classes the “academic” day starts at 9am.  The 1/2 day schedule ends at 1pm and the full day schedule at 5:30pm.  Their curriculum is play based, with lots of active play built into the day on their fantastic playgrounds and a dance class built into the day on Thursdays.  The classrooms are totally separated by walls and doors, so each class is contained and quiet.  They offer two separate playgrounds, one for the 1s and 2s and one for the 3s and 4s.

Fees are $24 for a full day including 2 “home style” meals and snacks and $21 for a morning program that includes breakfast and  ends at either noon or 12:30. *rates were confirmed July 2015.


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10 thoughts on “Casa de Ninos Preschool

  1. Aricha -

    We love Casa de Ninos! I switched my son over from a previous “daycare” where they let him run wild with little supervision! ..and I’ve never regretted it! I remember one day pulling out some blocks and my son started naming off every animal on each block. I was blown away with what he had learned in a short amount of time! Casa de Ninos potty trained my son in two weeks! At 4 years old he’s asking to be excused from the dinner table! Their education based system works wonders! Each teacher has given my son something to look forward to at school. It’s not fun or easy having to be away from your children for 8-9 hours a day while you’re at work, but the confidence Casa de Ninos has given me has put my mind at ease. He’s in great hands with loving and caring staff!

  2. Jenni -

    Casa de Ninos is such a wonderful preschool. My son attended for 2 1/2 years and loved every teacher and class he was in. He learned so much and made many great friends. Teachers are very friendly and caring. My son hit several milestones at this school including talking, potty training, gaining independence, making friends, ABC’s, manners, following directions, and most importantly graduating pre-k. Love this school!!!

  3. Sabrina -

    My Grandson is 18 months & attends Casa De Ninos and me & my daughter couldn’t be happier. He loves to go to school, his teachers are so great with all the kids. He has a very structured day and is learning so much. The teachers keep us up to date on his daily activities and we get a daily report. I highly recommend them! If you are on the fence about in home day care or taking your child here, this is where you need to take your child. The social play and interaction is so important for children. Give it a try, you & your child will be happy you did 🙂

  4. Alisha -

    I love Casa de Ninos! My daughter has been attending for over a year now. She is 3 and since she started we have seen a huge difference in her! She started talking more and better manners that she has learned as well as growing a love for books and reading! she is growing into such a smart little girl and I believe its due to all the wonderful teachers and staff. I wouldn’t take my children anywhere else and the prices are all within budget! We love Sabrina and are so thankful to have such a awesome place to take our daughter! !

  5. Kristie -

    A wonderful school! I am a teacher in Yuma and I would not take my boys anywhere else. The teachers are top notch. Ms. Sabrina runs a creative, nurturing and loving school. Not to mention, this is one of the most affordable schools in town. I also love that the teachers enjoy when I am there and observing and I am always welcome to see what’s being taught in his classes.

  6. Rachel Dominguez -

    I’ve had my daughter at Casa De Ninos since she was 1. Now she is 4 and my son is 1. I am truly blessed to have them here to watch my little ones. They are truly amazing and my children are learning so much. They each come home everyday with a new project that they have done that day. The staff is wonderful. I have dealt with each teacher for one reason or another. I cannot thank them enough for the wonderful job that each person does there. I work close by and can always go in and check on them and my children are always happy. They love the food, staff and atmosphere. This is the place to have your kids. Very pleased.

  7. Jessica D -

    My daughter attended Casa De Niños about 2 years ago. Moving here from out of town was a challenge in itself. Ms. Yvonne and Ms. Rebecca were excellent and made my daughter feel comfortable and right at home from day one. The meals, curriculum, and staff made it a pleasant experience for my daughter and myself. They taught her a lot and prepared her for the most crucial years of her life. I highly recommend them to all looking for a safe, fun, and caring environment for their children.

  8. Shannon -

    Casa de Ninos is wonderful!! Sabrina is top notch and all of her staff and teachers are wonderful caring people. The meals they serve are healthy and they use the opportunity to teach table manners! They help with potty training before moving up to the 3 year program too. You can do half day or full day, as little as 1 or 2 days a week or as many as 5. When we moved, my son was ahead of all his peers in what he had already learned, and his sharing skills were praised. Sabrina even took the time to help me pick out a new preschool when we moved out of state by teaching me what to look for in a quality preschool. In my opinion this school can’t be beat!!!

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  10. Anonymous -

    The best preschool with out a doubt!!! Especially after having horrible experiences at 2 previous preschools here in Yuma, they are wonderful! Highly recommend it & the wait is worth it!! There is a wait for a reason, they are the best!!

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