Gymnastics World of Yuma

Gymnastics World of Yuma is the only fully equipped artistic gymnastics center.  I have several friends who children take classes at Gymnastics World of Yuma and they all seem very happy with it.  They have a lot of equipment – includes beams, bars, rings, tumble track, and more.  Classes start at $45 a month for 1 x a week.  Click here for their rates.  They offer a Mom & Tot class for ages 1-3.  Click here for a full list of classes offered.  Kids are promoted by skill level, not by how long they have been there or by their age.  Season runs August though May, but they may have openings if you’d like to start now.

The Gymnastics World of Yuma website gets 5 stars – easy to navigate and has all the information you need to know.

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