Tiki Hut Frozen Yogurt Co.

I have heard nothing but greatness about the Tiki Hut Frozen Yogurt shop located in the Foothills (off Fortuna Rd, 2 doors down from Lotus Day Spa).  The location is prefect for an after spa treat or as a nice reward after hiking Telegraph Pass.

At the Tiki Hut, you get to choose your yogurt (you pour it yourself!), put whatever toppings you want on it from the topping bar (and however much you want) from candy, syrups and fruit, and then weigh it.  Cost is $0.39 an ounce.  What I thought was so great about this, is you can get just a small amount of frozen yogurt for you kid. This lets the mom decide how much of a treat her kid should have.  And what gets to me the most at other local ice cream places is paying $0.50 for a tsp. of sprinkles or 1/2 a vanilla wafer.

Open 7 days a week from 11:00am – 10:00pm
11274 Fortuna Rd.

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