Ambiance Salon

2851 S Ave B #12
Yuma, AZ 85364
ph: (928) 314 – 0901
Yuma Moms speak out!  See what other moms had to say about Ambiance Salon and Spa:

“I love Jay at Ambiance Salon. She is amazing and the staff is very kind. They always offer me beverages when I’m there and they love to cater to their clients. They just moved to the Tuscany Plaza–which is beautiful. I’m always happy with my hair :)”

“I use Jay at Ambiance Salon as well. I have been using her for 3 years and she always does a great job. She is one of the few people I have found that know how to properly take some of the weight off of my thick hair.”

Jaylianne & Liz
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7 thoughts on “Ambiance Salon

  1. Steven Washington -

    Very, very bad experience! If you have textured hair and require a neatly and nicely blended cut THERE IS NO ONE AVAILABLE AT THIS SALON! Staff was nice to us and did not charge us because we were unsatisfied, but what this particular salon needs to realize is that its ok to I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING!

  2. Tori -

    Ambiance Salon is pretty self explanatory, given the name. It’s a salon with a full range of services. I love that I am able to take care of several different things all under the same roof… I always seem to fall in love with the way Jill styles my hair & I always finish it off with a Deep TissueMassage. I recently found out that now they will also be offering Eyebrow & Facial Threading by Karina I am excited as I am a regular customer of Karina as well.

  3. MC -

    I won’t be coming back to this salon. I called before I arrived and asked if they would offer a military discount since Lotus offers one. The girl asked the manager and they said it was ok. The stylist that did my hair threw a small fit and flat out told me she did not offer any discounts. She went back and forth with the girl at the desk and eventually she came back and said she would do it because the girl on the phone didn’t know better. I guess she works independently or something. Then after she was done she complained when I handed her my credit card and said she usually only accepts cash or check. I told her I had always used my credit card here. She finally sighed and said, “Ok fine!” I thought this place was a team and everyone was on the same page!

  4. Jill Resendiz -

    I am the owner of Ambiance Salon and Spa,Jill Resendiz. I am disappointed to hear someone has had a bad experience in my salon. My reason for opening my facility was to provide quality service and a peaceful atmosphere for our clients. I would like for everyone who visits our salon to leave feeling 100% satisfied not just with their service but with the experience. I expect nothing less from our staff! I am proud to say we have an incredible and talented staff!

  5. Anonymous -

    I love Ambiance Salon and I would recommend it anytime!!!! My color and cut is always great and I have VERY long hair. For the two prior comments about the bad experiences, I'm very sorry someone there was very unprofessional with you. I happen to know the owner and I am sure if you speak to Jill, she would try her best to correct the situation. If she's not told, she cannot address it with that person. It sounds to me like it was the same person due to the "complaining" that she does. Good luck to you both and hope this doesn't happen to you again.

  6. Anonymous -

    I would not recommend Ambiance Salon. I went once and was extremely disappointed. The lady who cut and colored my hair complained the entire time about how thick, curly, and dry my hair was. I have a medical condition that causes my hair to be dry. I felt miserable because she complained so much about my hair and how long it was taking. I spent $150 to listen to someone complain. I am a very generous tipper because I know it takes a lot of work and I tipped her well even though she hated doing my hair. I haven't gotten my hair done since this experience. I would love to find someone in Yuma that doesn't mind cutting and coloring someone with thick hair.

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