Cactus Kids Pediatrics – Dr. Chiavacci & Dr. Perry

Cactus Kids Pediatrics

1832 South 8th Avenue

Yuma, AZ 85364

(928) 782-6830

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Dr. Wayne Chiavacci & Dr. Patti Perry
“We went to Cactus Kids Pediatrics when my 5yo had been sick with something we suspected was strep (it was! plus a mystery rash). Two friends had recommended Dr. Patty Perry. We wound up seeing Dr. Wayne Chiavacci instead because Dr. Perry was out of town. I *loved* Dr. Chiavacci! He asked great questions and really listened to me, he explained all the options clearly without patronizing/condescending, and his recommendation was for the least interventive option (which I favored). We’ve only seen him twice because we haven’t been in Yuma that long and my son is usually super healthy, but I was very happy with him and would definitely go see him again if we needed to. It seems he would be a good fit for parents who choose to delay vax (like us) and who prefer a doctor to act like a partner in their child’s healthcare (as opposed to an authority figure, not sure if that makes sense but it’s a personality & bedside manner thing that can’t really be taught).”

“We were referred to Dr. Chiavacci because he’s also a pediatric cardiologist (my son has a congenital heart defect), but we still have to go to Balboa for EKGs and Echos, so he acts more like a regular PCM than a pediatric cardiologist. I’m comforted by the fact that he has more “heart” knowledge then a regular pediatrician and am happy with the attention that was given to my son when he had a crazy rash, but other times that I’ve gone in there I’ve felt like the appointments were impersonal; in, out, and not really addressing my concerns. Their office is older and looks a bit shady. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but it is a doctor’s office. As much as I’m not over the moon about Cactus Kids, I’m not unhappy enough to change doctors.”

“When we first moved to Yuma we saw Dr Patty Perry for one visit and she was horrible to us. Our son was 1 yr old at the time and very sick with a cold and a terrible ear infection. She actually yelled at me for holding and comforting my child while he was crying because “I didn’t tell you to touch him!”. (she had left the room and said this when she came back in the room, I was not interfering with her exam of him). “

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19 thoughts on “Cactus Kids Pediatrics – Dr. Chiavacci & Dr. Perry

  1. G.G. -

    I was new to Yuma when I took my 2 yr old to see Dr. Perry. The office was so dingy and dirty, I had to change my sons diaper in the bathroom and was so grossed out to even lay him on the changing table. We waited 30 mins to go back and then another 45 mins with my sons clothes off in the exam room just for his 2 yr check up. As we were waiting I could here someone using profane language in the hall I peeked out the door just to see who it was. A few minutes later Dr. Perry walked in and I surprised that it was her that I saw speaking on the phone about one of her patients using this language. I was shocked! Such an unprofessional office! Just all around disappointment is how I felt leaving this office.

    1. Torben -

      Grammar check… Who wrote this? An eight year old? Check spelling before sending; it was tough to read. Only issue was doctor using profanity to someone on phone? Maybe it was a telemarketer?….. The service on your child must have been great since no effort to defamation has been communicated

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  3. abc123 -

    I take both my 1 and 3 year old to dr perry and my 3 year old has a lot of complex medical issues and Dr. Perry has been phenominal! He had a pinhole sized hole in his neck that was oozing green I took him to her and we both decided we would try to avoid surgery by placing him on antibiotics but after they didnt work she said he was going to need surgery and referred me to Yuma ENT where I also had a great experience with Dr. Kaba. Every time I have taken my boys there she has been fantastic, whether it was dealing with my one year olds repeated ear infections or his heart murmur, or my 3 year olds fitula, terrible allergies, asthma, or other viral/infectious issues. I would recommend her any day and have recommended her and the parents that I know that go there also really enjoyed her!

  4. anonymous -

    Well. I just want to say that Dr. Chiavacci diagnosed me many years (20+) years ago with an Atrial Septral Defect. At my final follow up he told me it had closed completely and would not cause me symptoms. Now here I am over 30 years of age and I got an echocardiogram from a cardiologist and find that it is still there. I very much dislike this doctor and would never trust him.

  5. Carrie -

    Jane D. I have to agree with you 100%

    I first met Dr. Perry in 1990 when I had my first child. After years of moving around out of Yuma and experiencing a number of doctors for my children (Family doctors as well as Pediatricians) we moved back in 2004 and I looked her up and brought all 3of my children to her. I have to say, I really enjoy my experiences with her. She employs both common sense as well as medical knowledge. My oldest had appendicitis, I called the office and brought him in, as she watched him walk in, sat him down in the waiting room so he didn’t have to struggle to get to an exam room and told me she was calling the ER now and telling them to expect us.

    I don’t really judge the office by its appearance, it is in an older part of town, any damage I’ve ever seen done has been by unruly children with parents who Johnny No No them instead of making them behave as if they are in a public place with property that is not their own.

    My family loves Dr. Perry, and I have to agree that when she retires the community will suffer her loss.

  6. April -

    When we used to live in Yuma, I took my daughter to Dr. Chiavacci. Thank goodness I wasn’t paying for office visits as it went through Tricare because he was in and out of the room in less than 5 min. The office staff were also quite rude and the billing lady was a total B to me when I was trying to get Tricare stuff organized and such. If we were still in Yuma, I would be getting a new dr. Thank goodness I’m not.

  7. Jane D -

    Wow! I was actually pretty impressed with the complaints here. Considering the thousands of patience Dr Perry has and the huge number of irresponsible parents out there that there are only a handful of complaints is pretty impressive. (I’ve seen some of you letting your children run wild in her office.)

    When you consider most complainers exaggerate slightly to make themselves look better its really impressive. I’m not saying that sometimes people’s attitudes don’t fray after dealing with screaming babies all day long or parents that don’t manage their children or lie to their children and let the doctor deal with the aftermath. I am sure there are some legititmate complaints about attitude after dealing with all of that, and the increasing cost of doing business while government and insurance are paying less and demanding more.

    I went to Dr Perry as a child, and now I take my own children to see here. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

    I admit that the front office staff has had its issues over the years, but Dr Perry is incredible. You realize all these years she has continued to take continuing education, kept up on current procedures and favored trends in medicine, and maintained board of pediatrics certification. This is far above and beyond what other pediatricians do. She is a sought after pediatrician.

    In addition she has been sought out by several drug companies for research studies because of her reputation, and she was recently audited on those by the FDA on those studies. They said her and her staff did fine. I overheard this when one of the people helping with the studies asked how they did.

    When Dr Perry finally does retire from medicine it will be a huge loss to the community. I can’t speak for Dr Chiavachi. We have only seen him a couple times, but he was very proffessional. One note: Dr Chiavachi and Dr Perry are not partners. They are associates. They share office space and staff. They cross cover as do many area physicians, but they actually have seperate medical practices. Dr Chiavachi is winding down his practice and plans to retire completely soon.

    I understand the complaint about the old building, however the complaints about it being dirty totally false. They keep it very clean. I expect if the economy were better, and government and private insurance were not constantly whittling away at what they pay for better and better care, more paperwork, more mandatory reporting and just generally more work for less money Dr Perry would have long since moved into a newer building. As a point of itnerest: That building has a long history of being a medical office. Dr Johnson had that building for many years, and Dr Casper (the dentist) retired from practice there when I was a teenager. My only real complaint about the location is the lack of parking. Something I can deal with as long as it keeps Dr Perry practicing in Yuma to take care of my kids.

  8. E -

    I also will be finding a new doctor. I moved here because my husband in the marine corps. After yesterday I will not be going back there. We have been seeing Dr. Perry. First off I waited 45 mins for her to come in and see my son. She looked at my sons bug bites and said yeah those are bug bites. So i started getting him dressed and then she looked at me and said ” I am not finished with him, and I have not even examined him yet”. I said i am sorry i thought you were done. Then she glared at me, and looked down and sighed. Then I asked her to fill out some paperwork for me because I need it to get my son enrolled in the pre-school I want to take him too. Then she said ” these things are a pain” Then she told me to cover up his bug bites with bandaids and i told her that my son does not like bandaids, so that is going to be fun. I was trying to make a joke about and then as she was leaving the room she told me that she didnt care if my son didnt like bandaids, they need to be covered up and she really didnt care. I will never be going back to her ever again. She is so rude and un professional. I am looking to see if I can complain to the medical board about her.

  9. C. -

    We were referred to dr. Chiavacci in 2006 because he is the only pediatric cardiologist in town. First visit he listened to my son’s heart ( no echo, no EKG, nothing) and concluded right then and there that he needed open heart surgery although previous cardiologists have been telling us for the past 9 years it was too aggressive and unnecessary. I took him to Phoenix for a second opinion and my son’s case (after examination by a Ped cardiologist and a Ped cardiac surgeon) was put before a panel of 12 cardiologists and they all adamantly agreed that he should not have surgery!

    He should not be calling himself a doctor, much less a pediatric cardiologist! We have been going to Phoenix for the last 6 years and are very happy with the care and their knowledge. Stay away from here! If you are with tricare prime insurance will reimburse you for travel to Phoenix or San Diego.

  10. Crystal -

    I used to love Dr. Chiavacci, been with him for 9 years, sadly, care, bedside manner and staff have declined in quality. we are currently looking for a new Dr. I have a feeling he is close to retiring and just doesn’t care anymore. The office is old, but NOT dirty. Once again, I think this is because he doesn’t want to invest in anything and then retire. He is a very caring and thorough doctor IF you can get in to see him as he is always on vacation and they stop answering calls at 3.

  11. Susan C. -

    Patricia Perry was my children’s pediatrician for a little over a year. She’s from my hometown, I really gave her the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn’t have. I’m planning on reporting her to my insurance company and possibly more.

    The office is small, many times there aren’t enough seats for everyone. It is also very unorganized. I needed a new copy of my daughter’s shot record and it took them a month and a half to do it so I could pick it up.

    She performed my newborn son’s circumcision, and basically didn’t cut enough off. He’s suffered from adhesions, skin bridges, and now has penile meatal stenosis. He now has to have it redone and more by a pediatric urologist out in Phoenix. When I asked her about why this happened to him she blamed me at first for not following her aftercare instructions (I did) and added stuff onto them I should have done yet she didn’t tell me. She also told me that her patients come back and thank her for leaving “a little extra”, imo trying to cover up the fact that she did a crappy job.

    Her office also did an eye exam on my 7 year old and said she was fine. She ended up going on base for another eye exam and surprise…she needs very strong glasses and to use a patch daily.

    1. Sara -

      I think Dr. C was very nice, but sadly his partner Dr. Perry is horrible. She screwed up my sons circumcision, too. Thankfully no surgery will be needed but she left too much on and we are constantly have to clean it and fuss over it. Her office is not very clean. Now that my son is a year old I would never let him crawl or walk in her office. Dr. Perry is rude and constantly cancelling her appointments. I can’t figure out why she is still practicing medicine.
      She also misdiagnosed a bacterial infection on my son’s face. I guess the bursting white pustules all over his face were just too difficult for her to diagnose correctly. She instructed me to lather him in expensive lotion for a week and the allergies and skin issues would resolve on their own. She also told me that @ 4 weeks old my son had allergies and we should expect him to have asthma as well. He showed no signs of asthma and has never developed any.

      Please don’t take your children to Dr. Perry- you would get better medical care if you took your kids to Africa.

  12. Teresa and Rory -

    My husband and I had scheduled appointments for Dr. Perry we would get a call to reschedule THAT DAY (after we made arrangements at work) we would say NO not acceptable and we would get scheduled to see Dr. Chiavacci. Out of the 5 times we went there we scheduled to see Dr. Perry we saw her twice and Dr. Chiavacci the rest. Dr. Chiavacci was really nice to us. Dr. Perry the last and final time I saw her I basically diagnosed my own child with hand foot and mouth. She said there was bumps in her mouth and bottom. (Which Ill get back to) and was walking out the room when I mentioned to her so does that mean shes got hand, foot and mouth because she had some bumps on the bottom of her feet. (I worked at a daycare I'd heard of it before) She turned around looked at her foot and said yup. I said well how is this for my pregnancy she said just call your ob and I asked I guess shes contagious she said yes she is. And walked out. Oh about the bottom bumps, she looked and accused the daycare or me and my husband of not changing my daughter enough. I said how unreal.. we were in the process of potty training and would let her run the house naked from about 3 til 8pm every day, changing her diaper was NOT the issue. My advice, DONT ever call there unless you want to feel degraded. The nurse is understand but to get to her you go through the million questionnaire. The receptionist takes your name and number and you have to be LUCKY if they call you back. Plus they lie about payment. We continuously asked them do we owe you money (our ins is 80-20) they would say no. A year later we got a bill from them. (Which we paid, but still)Go somewhere else. Don't waste your time!

  13. Anonymous -

    I was so upset one day that I was trying to get a new doctor for my children. I called this doctors office and asked to set up an appt. The receptionist asked me to call back another day because her computer was broken .then ended our conversation and hung up. It upset me because I think she could have gotten my number and called me once she had something available I felt like they didn't want my business.

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