Dr. Habib Rathle, Pediatrician

Dr. Habib Rathle

1025 W 24th St, Suite 6
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 314-1100

Yuma Moms Speak out. See what other moms had to say about Dr. Rathle:

“I really love Dr. Habib Rathle. He explains things very well and I have been able to get in quite easily when my kiddos have been sick.”

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Habib Rathle, Pediatrician

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  2. Megan -

    Not a fan. I delivered my baby in April of this year and my regular pediatrician was on vacation so this is the Dr. that was filling in. The day I had her we were given a ‘packet’ that he encouraged us to read. We read it and 75% of it was filled with ‘facts’ about how breastfeed is the best and you are a horrible mom if you don’t. After explaining that I had issues breastfeeding with my first child he told the lactation specialist to visit me for the third time because he had ‘concerns’. On the day we were to be released he was hours late. We should have been released around 9-10am but did not leave until 2-3pm because he had bees at his house which he explained he refused to kill so he had to trap and release them one at a time. He then questioned us about the packet he gave us, making it feel like I was being tested and if I didn’t pass I couldn’t keep my baby. In my personal opinion he was very unprofessional and set in his ways.

  3. Mary-Joyce -

    We agree: Dr. Rathle is the BEST (and we have tried others)! He listens and explains everything thoroughly without being condescending or patronizing. He doesn’t hand out meds lightly which suits us fine. Although he may appear “old-school”, it is evident that he keeps abreast of the latest developments in pediatric research. His staff is competent, friendly and professional. Most importantly, he genuinely cares for my children and their well-being.

  4. Jen -

    Dr Rathle is the BEST you can find in Yuma. He is very considerate and looks out for the well being of your child. My daughter has been seen by him since she was born. He returns calls personally, even on weekends. My daughter got a cold/cough but it wasnt severe, i hadnt even seen him yet for it because it had just started and he called me everyday throughout the weekend to check up on her. Im sorry folks but that is unheard of anymore these days! He is amazing and im pretty bummed we got orders and will be moving soon. I wish there were more Drs out there like him. Dont let his office appearance fool you. He is a GREAT Pediatrician.

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  6. Amy G -

    Dr. Rathle is the best in town. Us as parents love him, but more importantly our children love him. Both my kiddos have had some major medical issues, and Dr. Rathle has brought so much understanding and comfort to us. He has called us many times late in the evening and on weekends to check on my kids. I love the fact that he does not hand out medicine like it's candy, he will only prescribe if it's the only way to get your child well. Lizeth and Miriam are his office staff and they are so professional and work wonderfully with the kids! Dr. Rathle is Yuma's best if you ask our family!!

  7. JHowe -

    I selected Dr. Rathle after consulting with other medical professionals. The more I spoke with other parents, I realized that he received their endorsements as well. We are fortunate to have him in Yuma. He explains everything, will answer all questions, and does not rush you. He has called me back whenever I have called after hours. However, I have to warn parents, if parents just want to have the pediatrician prescribe meds and antibiotics whenever a kid gets a sniffle, Dr. Rathle is not the doctor they should see!

  8. Yuma, AZ Mom -

    I waited for 6 months for an opening to be able to switch to Dr. Rathle. It was well worth it. I had heard from other parents and nurses in the community that he was a great pediatrician. The first thing that stood out to me was that he remembered my name and all three of my kids' names after the first visit with one of them. If I ever have any problem or concern, he always make times to see my boys. Dr. Rathle is very thorough and will explain how the body, infections, viruses, etc work. (For someone with a medical background, I appreciate this.) He is patient, understanding, and empathetic. His office staff has been friendly and helpful every time we have been there or called in. The office is modest as is Dr. Rathle himself. You can tell right away that he really cares about children and their health and that he is still working to further his knowledge to benefit the children. Highly recommended.

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