Gallemore Dental Group / Little Grins

Little Grins (part of Gallemore Dental Group)
Dr. Mosley, Pediatric Dentist
West 24th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 782-4707

Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms in had to say about Dr. Gallemore:

“I like the pediatric dentist at Gallemore. One of my son’s is special needs and they are very sensitive to both my boys as well as me.”

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4 thoughts on “Gallemore Dental Group / Little Grins

  1. Kelli Lutterbeck -

    My experience at Gallemore was not in the Pediatric but the general dentist for my self. After going 43 years with no cavities I suddenly had 5…. Thank God I was smart enough to get a second opinion… I actually had 0 cavities. And to boot they were going to over charge me with the 5 cavaties they were going to fill. After speaking with several people here in Yuma, Gallemore Dental is one of the worst places to go if you have insurance. Is what saddens me is the amount of people that go there and don’t have the financial means to get another opinion. Please for the sake of your teeth, which have to last you a life time. Please find another dentist.

  2. Anonymous -

    Be careful! My daughter was told by one dentist in Gallemore that she had no cavities. Shortly later by another dentist told that she does have cavities. Left Gallemore to get a more honest and consistent opinion. Had the feeling that Gallemore was more after money than the wellfare of the children.

  3. Anonymous -

    I just took my 4 year old daughter to get a second opinion after what Kool Smiles said they wanted to do….What a difference, Dr. Mosley and her staff are wonderful!!! They were so great with her!!! No need for a full body strap like at Kool Smiles. I'm so happy we found an AWESOME dentist!

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