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JAM University offers guitar, bass, drums, saxophone and voice lessons for the ages of 7-70.  Lessons are 30 minutes long and occur once per week.  The JAM lesson studio is located at 862 South 5th Avenue.

The lesson costs range from $60-$70 per month, depending on the instrument (discounts available to families with multiple members taking lessons).  Students need to have their own instruments since practice needs to be done at home between lesson appointments.

JAM U is focused on providing practical instruction, which means the lessons are designed to have the student performing as soon as possible.  For some that means sharing their abilities with family members and friends, for others that means getting up in front of an audience to show what they can do.  For those that wish to take part, multiple opportunities are provided for students to perform throughout the year.  JAM U students have performed at various events including concerts hosted by JAM U, the Yuma Palms Village Jazz Series and numerous school performances throughout the city.  The students perform as soloists and as part of different ensembles from jazz combos to rock bands, with other students as well as with some of the community’s finest professional and semi-professional musicians.

The music teachers are both graduates of the University of Redlands where they each received a Bachelor of Music degrees.  And as such have a well rounded background as teachers, performers and students themselves.  Students make progress quickly and have fun doing it!

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