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  1. Sarah -

    I am so pleased to have found another pediatric dentist for my daughter as she, too, had a bad first and last experience here several years ago, when she was five. The staff were somewhat courteous, and it wasn’t until my daughter was called back for x-ray, me, waiting outside, not in the room where she would act up, that I became extremely uncomfortable because I could hear my daughter cry. She described Dr. Cullen’s wife and explained how forceful she was with her when prying her mouth open for x-ray. When I called to talk to the wife, she of course denied being forceful, and defined my daughter as being strong willed, as is her son, and explained these type of children need that type of assertiveness. The cleaning experience was okay, but Dr. Cullen was a little on the rude side, and my daughter did not have a mouth full of cavities. Thus, hard to say why some have great experiences and others not. I am reasonable when it comes to talking to my daughter about the importance of authority and her cooperation in this type of setting, but this treatment was uncalled for, and other pediatric dentistry offices here prove it doesn’t have to be traumatic as it was for her here and she is thriving because of it.

  2. Teresa -

    AVOID Dr.Cullen!! Him & his wife and his staff are extremely RUDE & IMPATIENT!!! They do not know how to talk to little kids & they are very inconsiderate! They scared my 3yr old, 6yr old & 7yr old! I will NEVER go back to him again!!! I have had friends tell me the same thing. They had a very bad experience with Dr.Cullen & any time anyone asks me what dentist to go to & which one to avoid, I always tell them to avoid Dr.Cullen at all costs! Him & his wife should be working with adults, not kids!!

  3. Sarah -

    I have been taking my kids to Dr. Cullen since we moved to Yuma over 5 years ago. We go every 6 months. I have never heard any complaints from my kids. They LOVE going, and are excited about it. It is, of course, stressful for me, as I have 4 kids, and keeping them busy in an office environment is sometimes a challenge. No worries at Dr. Cullen’s office, though. They have a 2 STORY playhouse for the kids to play in and they LOVE it. Have I been disappointed in my kids brushing scores… ABSOLUTELY! Should I be? YES! not with the staff! When I first started going there, the scoring was a bit jarring, but my kids are always very motivated by it, so I don’t see it as a bad thing. I am a pediatric nurse, and I have seen how bad kids mouths can get, and I am sure his office staff has seen way worse than I have… so their stern but loving nature with the kids is well founded, and just what my stubborn kids need. Dr. Cullen is WONDERFUL, and in my opinion there is no one better. I recently had a horrific experience when my son chipped his PERMANENT front tooth in half while playing outside. I called his pediatrician ( I was worried about infections) who told me to go to the ER, which I did. The ER said it was probably an emergency, and he’d probably loose his PERMANENT tooth, but their was nothing they could do. On a whim, I called Dr Cullen’s office, and his staff gave me his number and he met me in his office at nearly 10PM on a SATURDAY to fix my son’s tooth. My son was scared and Dr. Cullen made it all better. Also, my little dude felt so special that Dr. Cullen was opening the office JUST for him! He was great with my son, and the office called me on Monday morning to make sure he was still doing ok. There was one hygenist that we used to see when we went there that I was not fond of, as she was a bit harsh with the kids, but I haven’t seen her in over a year, so I assume she is no longer working there. Perhaps those who have said they had a bad visit there had her as their hygenist, but, like I said, I haven’t seen her in the last 3 or 4 visits. Why would you want your kids to have a dentist who said your kids were doing a great job brushing when they aren’t? That is like NOT wanting your doctor to tell you that you are overweight and at risk for diabetes and heart disease. Sugar coating the truth will only lead to problems later. Dr. Cullen is so sweet and encouraging when he tells the kids to do a little better, and a great cheerleader when the kids are already doing a great job. My kids really work hard to get a good report. What more could a mom ask for?

    1. Carla -

      My Gran daughter (10 years old) has been going to Doc. Cullen since she 1st got her teeth, Never have they treated me or her with disrespect, I would highly recommend them to anyone !

  4. Ceci Torres -

    My son has always had a positive experience with the staff and with Dr. Cullen. The hygienists do their job and make my son feel comfortable at the same time. They have helped him identify the areas in his mouth that he needs to focus on to have the best dental health possible. His scores have been great with each visit and he is cavity free. Dr. Cullen, and his wife, have always been good to my son. They have a large practice and may not have the time to chat, but they take care of business and have always done so professionally.

    My son looks forward to his cleanings, has had positive experiences when additional work was necessary, loves the lobby, loves the staff…what more could a parent ask for?

    I have gone back during cleanings with my son and I have also waited in the lobby and have no qualms with either, as a matter of fact they are the ones who have asked me to come back to see what is going on with his development.

    Pediatric Dentristry of Yuma is premiere, in my estimation, and we will continue to schedule appointments with Dr. Cullen.

  5. Erin -

    Dr. Cullen is an awesome doctor. My kids have had to have teeth pulled and he is always kind to them giving them the peace of mind that they need to get through it. He even made sure that he could get them in to be seen in a timely manner. I have nothing but great reviews to say about his professionalism and expertise in the dentistry field.

  6. harmony -

    I’ve never had ANY problems with my children at Dr. Cullen’s office. I’ve had three children go there for more than 8 years and it has all been great. They don’t have cavities and I usually get their teeth sealed when their back molars come in. He is very nice, his wife is very nice. I am sure they can be strict when the time comes. It’s not always easy to make my 2 year old brush his teeth and I am his MOM. Imagine how difficult it is for the doctor. That said, they are a great staff, and clean all my children at the same appointment. I always go to the back when they are getting their teeth cleaned or what have you. When my child first goes to the dentist I always go with them through the whole experience (xrays, cleaning, checkup) and have never had an issue. My children also are very well behaved. At the same time, I will probably take my children to Dr. McDonald at some point in the future, because she is amazing and I really, really like her.

  7. Dr. Cullen - DON'T GO! -

    My 2 1/2 year old had an appointment yesterday with Dr. Cullen of Pediatrics Dentistry of Yuma. It was one of the worst days of my life. I was expecting a fun and easy first appointment to simply introduce my daughter to dentistry as easy and not scary. This appointment back fired on me. At one point 4 adults (including the dentist) were holding her down. The dentist had an “I’ll show you” mentality with a 2 year old and was determined to show her that crying and vomiting wouldn’t get her her way. She was terrified. I physically ripped her out of the chair and said “that is enough”. He then insulted us by saying “well my other two year olds don’t act this way”. We both left crying. Please don’t do this to your children. I don’t know when my daughter or I will get over it.

  8. LAWANA -

    Dr Cullen has been seeing my daughter for 3yrs and would recommend him to anyone. I drive from Brawley, California every 6 months. The whole staff is wonderful. Makes a difference when a child is comfortable and relaxed about going to the dentist.

  9. Sani -

    As for me, I do not and will never recommend this dentist, Dr. Cullen. I read here in a previous post: “Dr. Cullen is a good dentist, but can be rude and inconsiderate.” I agreed at first, until I think more about it and I’m not at all bashing that comment… just adding to it, I guess. In my 20 years of dental experience I know the term “Good Dentist” means more than good work, but it’s the whole enchilada, caring, compassionate, truthful while being TACTFUL. And this dentist did not show these qualities at all. Maybe he’s burnt out, or perhaps just doesn’t like children but loves the dentistry part. Who knows. My point here is that I don’t recommend him for children. My 3 year old son didn’t have any cavities and scored well on the plaque chart, yet this 1st Time Visit experience scared the bejeebeez for his future dental trips to ANY dental office. Really uncalled for, in my opinion!!
    The Experience: First of all, when I called this office for my son’s First Dental visit checkup, I asked the Receptionist if he was good with children. Her response was “Well, he’s the ONLY pediatric specialist in Yuma.” So I asked her again since she didn’t answer my question, and she said “everyone has a different opinion in how they perceive good with children.”… (okay, that was when I SHOULD have never scheduled and gone to a regular family dentist)…the office was beautiful, and the staff quiet but courteous. When our son was back there, the x-rays were done with no problems and he held on to his mickey mouse stuffed pal for support since I had to stand away from where he can see me (which was no problem). When the assistant began poking in his teeth, he said I want to go home, another asst from the near lab said in a strong, rude voice “you CAN’T go home, so just sit there and let us do our work!” He began to cry, they told me to sit in the reception room, and as I walked away, I looked back and saw the “vocal” assistant pinning my son down with her weight and arms. She threatened him saying “You won’t see your mom until the end of the appt unless you stop crying!” (Well, a 3 y/o stressed out child won’t hear all that sentence and only hear “You won’t see your mom”). His cry got louder, then they took him in a closed room somewhere. It’s supposed to be a FIRST TIME VISIT CHECKUP, geez! 15 minutes later they called me back because the dentist would soon be in. As soon as I saw our son, tears just rolled down his cheeks and I felt SO Bad! The dentist came in not long after, and carried himself rudely, & inconsiderate. He sat next to our son and told him to wipe those tears, as he lightly punched him in the arm telling him, “you’re 3 years old, act it!” Continue and finishing with his exam, he did give kuddos to us parents for taking good care of his teeth, but then rudely pointed, and stated “That Mickey Mouse he was holding, we need to get rid of, it’s keeping him a baby. And the water cup with built in straw I held was a sippy cup he shouldn’t be drinking from anymore.” What?! First of all, that water cup he said was a sippy, we bought from Target in the Outdoor Hiking Section for ADULTS. And as for Mickey, he’s been his sleep pal, Dr. Visit pal, and travel companion for these last 3 years. Hmmm… just not what I expected for a 1st time visit for a 3 year old with no cavities.
    (Sorry it’s so long, but just trying to give you all a heads up with our experience).

  10. Anon -

    I took my daughter there this week and at the beginning it was a great experience. the hygienist was great and so good with my daughter. she was patient and gentle and talked her through her cleaning and explained everything to me. she was firm but nice. i learned alot about what i was doing wrong as a parent with her care. she got my child calm enough to have her teeth cleaned with out screaming bloody murder. i could not believe what a great job she did and how good she was with my little girl. then the doctor came in and seemed like he was in a bad mood from the start. he was short and abrupt with me and my child. my daughter screamed through the whole exam and the doctor told me she was spoiled! she is 2 years old and was scared! i dont understand how the hygienist got her through the hardest part of the visit, but the doctor could not. i loved the girl that cleaned her teeth and feel like i learned alot from her and would take my child back there if i knew she could see her but i will have to think about going back to see that doctor or god forbid she gets someone that is not as good with her. i want this to be a positive experience for her, not something she is afraid of.

  11. Brandy -

    My two kids really dislike going to the dentist no matter what, however, the staff of Dr. Cullen, as well as himself, take much consideration to this and really work with my kids to have the best of the experience. My oldest had gone to a different dentist for his first couple visits and that never happened. My two kids respond very well to Dr. Cullen and his staff and within minutes my kids have calmed down and are in good spirits. The staff always calls if there is an opening to see if I would like to move ours up. The office is very clean, professional, and welcoming for the kids with the fish tank and castle.

    Additionally, this office is extremely educated in this field and has no problem informing parents how they are not helping their children in any way by what the parents are allowing their children to do, in regards to their mouths and teeth. I appreciate this to the fullest and respectfully take constructive criticism. My kids also benefit from hearing what needs to be done in order to have healthy teeth from their Dr., especially when it reiterates what I am trying to teach them at home. On the other hand, they ALWAYS acknowledge good behavior and when they can tell a child is taking good care of their teeth.

    I am very happy with Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma.

  12. Hayley -

    I had a wonderful experience at Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma, Not only did my four year not want to go to the dentist but was crying this before we even arrived at the office. From the first moment we walked into the office, there was a warm and inviting feeling. They have a built in play area for the kids the play while they wait and a amazing fish tank. Gabby was so great with my son, showed him everything that she was going to do, even let him touch the instruments. I would recommend this dentist office and so would my four year that never cried and said he would go back. Thanks Dr. Cullen for a wonderful visit today.

  13. Molly -

    We are new to this practice, and have nothing but great things to say after our first visit. I found the staff extremely polite, my children loved the waiting area, as well as the toys the provide for the kids while they were in the exam chairs. The dental hygienists explained exactly what they were doing and why to my 7 and 8 year olds, in a manner the kids could understand. My kids were completely calm during x-rays, cleaning and fluoride. They happily listened to the hygenists suggestions on how they can improve on their brushing skills. Dr. Cullen was polite, very thorough, and answered my questions I had without hesitation and professionally. I am very impressed with this office and will definitely be back!

  14. Candice -

    I take my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter to Dr. Cullen. I haven’t had any problems with him at all. He is very informative and patient. What’s even more incredible is that my son is Autistic and doesn’t like being touched and hates having his teeth brushed so he isn’t an easy child to deal with. Dr. Cullen and his safe have handled him SO well two times in a row. I highly recommend him!!!!

  15. Anonymous -

    I would NOT recommend Dr. Cullen. I have had many issues with his staff members. When my daughter had a bad tooth ache one the the ladies would not schedule us in until days later. Too bad Dr. Cullen is a great dentist because his staff is the worst.

  16. Ann Garcia -

    I was referred to Dr. Cullen by a dental service my grandchild was sent to via acchs and that referral was an eye opener for me. Meghan spoke with me initially due to my 3 yr. old grandson’s mouth sores and the fact he had cavities that needed to be addressed. They found time to see him the next business day and worked with me to schedule his cavity issues around him visiting his parents. The first filling appointment he came out after procedure, smiled at me and said “Nama, I all done”. If a kid can smile after a filling procedure, that speaks volumes to me. I have since cancelled his brothers appointment for cavities with the previous dentist (the one who gave me the referral) and will have Dr. Cullen care for him as well. The other location only believes in crowning the cavity tooth which, in my 4 yr. old grandson’s case created a lot of trauma. When he emerged fromt his procedure elsewhere he was crying and needed to be held for 30-45 minutes to calm down. After a week his gums are still very sensitive and bleed when brushed. I don’t believe his gums should ever have been that sore after a crowning. I have crowns and don’t recall having that issue. Bottom line – Dr. Cullen and his staff are OUTSTANDING in my book. I won’t take my grandkids anywhere else!!

  17. Anonymous -

    Good old Dr. Cullen’s office. My experience there was awful. and i’am not the only one, i have friends who have had similar problems with that office. First of all i have been told if your family has AHCCCS the staff will treat you like you’re trash.At first i didn’t believe it, until i was treated that way. this much i know, I have friends who have children with bad decay on their teeth, possibly worse decay. But due to the fact that they have a medical insurance (that is not AHCCCS) they were treated with more respect than i was. I recently had a friend who went there and because she didn’t speak good English, she was treated worse than most. When you first visit they stick your child in a certain room, and if your child doesn’t behave they send you(the parent) outside of the room. The women Dental Assistant that took care of my child was a lady named Suzy. ( later i found out she was the Dr.’s Wife.) when she sent me out of the room that she had my child in, i listened at the door. She told my child that,” You need to start acting like a two year old.” It didn’t end there. I also listened in when she was doing x rays on my child, and once again she said,” you’re too big now to keep acting like a baby.” when she was saying this she was raising her voice time and time again. Soon after her Husband Dr. Cullen came in, while he did the exam my child cried and squirmed a bit. Then he said to me,” this child just wants control.” Can you tell me exactly what person doesn’t want control over their own body, that’s human nature. it takes practice for a person to relax and get comfortable to give control of their body over to someone else.

  18. DeAnn Ayala -

    My 3 year old son recently had an appt. with Dr. Cullen. His initial visit was great. My son, who is usually terrified of medical professionals, was completely comfortable with Dr. Cullen and his staff. He did require an appt to take care of abcessed tooth. Now, with my sons medical history, we have to be very cautious as to what can be done here in Yuma, or whether it has to be taken care of a hospital setting in Phoenix. Dr. Cullen assured me that he would talk with my sons pediatrician and his pediatric cardiologist before making a decision about his treatment. Within a few days i got a response back from his office, and an appt was scheduled. On the day of his appt, i was a nervous wreck. We have seen our son go through some scary and life threatening procedures. When we arrived at the office, we were greeted and Dr Cullen was there, ready to go. he made sure of my knowledge of what was being done on this appt. I expressed my nervousness, and he sat me down, and we talked everything out. besides my sons cardiologist, Ive never had another physician do this. I was pleasently suprised. long story short, he had the work done….we were very pleased with the way things panned out. Dr. Cullen and his staff showed us that they truly are there for the kids, and make them as comfortable as possible. I would never take my children elsewhere. Thank you Dr. Cullen and your wonderful staff for making things alot easier on my son and making me feel at

  19. Jennifer Krizay -

    I took my daughter to this Dr. We no longer go there. He was incredibly rude and so was his staff. I thought maybe it was just me so we went back a number of times. Every time was the same thing. He will manhandle your child instead of asking the child to do something, for instance opening there mouth. He will have his goonies hold them down instead of asking them to be still. He is NOT a good pediatric Dr. I personally believe he should have stuck to an adult practice. At least an adult or a smart parent will coment on his patient practices.
    And no my child did not have and still has no cavitys or any other mouth or tooth problim. Yet she is TERRIFIED even time we walk past his office. Unfortunatelly her pediatrician is next door 🙁

  20. Stevie C -

    I FINALLY like a dentist office. I think they are wonderful with kids and very knowledgeable. Im glad thy were upfront and able to teach me some things I didn’t know that no other dentist took the time to explain to me. And I really like Mrs. Cullen.. OH and my KIDS loved them!! My sonsaid it was the best day ever.

  21. Nikki -

    I have nothing negative to say about our visit to Dr. Cullen. I was a nervous wreck taking my son to the dentist, knowing how he acts at home to simply brush his teeth! The play house is a HUGE success in the whole waiting process, his mind wasnt on having someone check his teeth out.When the lady came in to start his exam my son immediatly took a liking to her and they laughed together which eased up the visit. She even informed me on different things I didnt know which I thought was great, and didnt make me feel dumb about it. Dr Cullen was fast at his exam too which for my child was best.He goes back for a cavity and I can say his staff has made me feel ten times better about it. I know it will go great! My insurance doesnt even cover his visits and I dont mind paying full price… that should say alot, I know Dr. Cullen has my childs best interest and I would never put a price on that!

  22. Amanda. G -

    Dr. Cullen is the rudest man ever, should not be working with children. Has no compassion what so ever. We took our daughter there the first time and my husband had taken her back she screamed the whole time and bit him and made him bleed, which surprised me. Her second time for her cleaning I took her back and now I know why she bit him, I wanted to myself. He was all rude and assumed because she was still drinking out of a sippy cup sometimes that she had cavities….. No we take darn good care of her teeth. While he was looking at her teeth she started to get a lil fussy and he tells her ” Oh stop! Your fine! ” in a rude mean tone. Ughhh I could go on about all the rudeness of him. But its not worth it we will NEVER go back and I do not recommend him to anyone. The rest of the staff was great though! And the play area in waiting room is cute.

    1. Stevie C -

      I must say that I didn’t find them rude AT ALL. Maybe truthful and abrupt, but thats what should be. I didn’t mind that they told me to take the sip cup away, I know I need to its not goo for their teeth no matter how much we brush their teeth. I actually learned a lot from them and appreciated it.

    2. Carla J. -

      I must agree with Steve. Dr. Cullen is the best, most compassionate man/dentist I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have been taking my granddaughter to Dr. Cullen since she had teeth…as a matter of fact, she has an appointment tomorrow and she is very excited to go. The only unfortunate thing in her opinion is that she has to go to school first. (and she loves school) As a matter of fact, if he would take me on as a patient, I would be there. I have never heard a rude remark come from Dr. Cullen and it is soooo obvious that he loves children very much. He has given me great advice on taking care of my granddaughter’s teeth properly. I for one appreciate the sound advice that he has given me. Oh yes….the play house is a fabulous addition as well…Dr. Cullen , please keep up the good work and we will see you tomorrow. She can hardly wait!

  23. Elysia Wiesen -

    We were referred to Dr. Cullen by our general dentist and after reading reviews I have to admit I was a little nervous. But when we went in today I was sooooo pleasantly surprised. Not once did I or my children feel uncomfortable in any way. The front staff was very friendly. Dr. Cullen’s assistant was VERY thorough and kind, and Dr. Cullen himself was GREAT! Dr. Cullen is a straight shooter, which I love. His staff is very knowledgeable and efficient. I love that they gave my son a mirror to watch everything they were doing and rewarded him with high fives and positive feedback when he allowed them to DO THEIR JOB! I am not sure what the other parents who posted negative responses experienced but I would hands down recommend Pediatric Dentistry of Yuma to friends and family!

  24. Anonymous -

    What none of you seem to realize is that in his position if the mom is in the room the child is more likely to act up! When you leave the child can see that the doctor is the authority figure and is more likely to listen and take direction. The doctor does this for your well being as well as your child’s. Personally I feel that having the parent in the waiting room is a necessary evil. This doctor is not going to harm your child in any way shape or form. He is simply doing his job the best way possible in such tight circumstances.

  25. Katie -

    I’ve always stayed with my kids when they have thier cleanings / check ups, but when we made a return visit to fill my son’s cavity, I was told I had to wait in the waiting room. I wish I knew this ahead of time. Dr. Cullen gave very good reasons for having parents wait, but I never would have scheduled the filling if I had known that ahead of time.

  26. Anonymous -

    I just got back from Dr. Cullen's office and I found the office staff to be courteous, the office was clean and welcoming, and Dr. Cullen was great! Did he hug me and thank me for bringing my daughter in? No. Do I mind that? Absolutely not! He was very good with my little one (she's 8 months old) and was extremely gentle. That's what matters so I walk away a happy camper!

  27. Anonymous -

    Dr. Cullen doesn't MAKE parents wait in the waiting room – you get a choice. Every parent who has told me Dr. Cullen was rude also had a kid with a mouth full of cavities. My son didn't have any cavities and they were really nice to me. I'm just sayin'.

  28. Anonymous -

    Not only is Dr. Cullen rude and inconsiderate but he has no awareness of time and has subjected two of my three kids to long waiting periods (at the ripe old age of 1 and 2, mind you), makes parents wait in the waiting room for all procedures, hardly gives anyone the time of day, immediately put me on the defensive with his rude comments and horrible bedside manner…he does have anice office but I'd rather mymoney go tosomeone who deserves it and understands customer service as opposed to one who doesn't…common courtesy goes a long way in my book!

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