Vanity Hair

Vanity Hair – voted Yuma’s Best Hair Salon 2009656 West 16th StreetYuma, AZ 85364-4633(928) 782-1205
Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms had to say about Vanity Hair:
“Deanna at Vanity Hair (on 16th Street, it’s a little blue and white house) is GREAT! And she’s a military spouse, too ;)”
“I go to Janine @ Vanity Hair. I think they are all great over there. They were just voted “Yuma’s Best”!”
“Heather Harvick @ Vanity Hair 656 West 16th Street (928) 782-1205 …
I have a completely full head of hair that grows like wild fire, I have blond highlights on top with my natural dark brown underneath. She keeps my O.C.D. on my hair totally in check because it looks awesome!! No color lines, no orange look and she has never fried my hair at all…. Love her an will never let anyone else touch it… Thats why I have a standing appointment every 5 weeks on Fridays….”

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