Yuma Children’s Clinic – Dr. Subbu

Yuma Children’s Clinic

Tuscany Plaza
2851 S. Avenue B
Suite 101, Building 1
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 819-7000

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Dr. Sonal Subbu
“Dr. Sonal Subbu is amazing!!! She was excellent with my kids and very thorough!”

“I LOVE Dr. Subbu! My boys have been going there since my oldest was about 2 and totally understood and got my son’s allergies issues when he previous doctor downplayed my concerns. She’s very friendly and is sweet with all kids. Great office staff too!”

“I took my kids to Dr. Sonal Subbu for the first time since moving here. I didn’t know who do go to and Dr. Bernstein, whom I had received a referral from a friend, was no longer taking on new patients. I couldn’t be happier with her. As a previous post said she took time to speak to me and my kids. She was delightful and knowledgeable!”

“Dr. Sonal Subbu is the best in my book. She talks to me, not at me. She interacts with my kids and they love her. I love the fact that if you’re more than 15 minutes late you’re reschedule so she doesn’t run behind and make the rest of her appointments wait. We’ve been with her for four years (except during her pregnancy). During that time we saw Dr. Isabel Bellot. I really like her but her staff is horrible (which is who you deal with the most).”

“I LOVE Dr. Subbu! My boys have been going there since my oldest was about 2 and totally understood and got my son’s allergies issues when he previous doctor downplayed my concerns. She’s very friendly and is sweet with all kids. Great office staff too!”

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23 thoughts on “Yuma Children’s Clinic – Dr. Subbu

  1. Larry P. -

    Dr. Subbu is awesome. She has always treated my son so well. She takes time to explain things and overall she makes you feel comfortable. However her officer manager and front desk employee Alisha is very rude. Alisha hates men so if father’s talk to her she will be rude. Alisha doesn’t know how to simply greet and make you feel comfortable. She seriously needs to learn customer service and professionalism. When you let the officer manager know of her unprofessionalism she blames you or the situation, but refuses to discipline or take responsibility. It is very sad because Doctor Subbu is such a caring and professional doctor.

  2. Laura S -

    I haven’t met with the doctor or staff yet, but I am a little concerned that she doesn’t see patients on Fridays. Fridays are the best days for me for appointments, but I was told today that she doesn’t see patients on Fridays.

  3. Megan -

    She is AMAZING. Not only do I love her but so does my mom. She takes the time to answer any and ALL questions you could possibly have. The wait time can be a bit long when you have an appointment, but hey that’s doctors for you, but I think the time she takes with you in your appointment makes up for it. To comment on the parent that missed her kid’s sots, that’s your own fault. Before you leave the room she tells you to make an appointment, you go to the front and schedule the appointment. Did you expect them to schedule it for you and then tell you? I moved my oldest from one doctor to Dr. Subbu and have loved her ever since. The only thing I don’t like is she is not available for appointments on Fridays.

  4. Amanda -

    My kids and I love Dr. Subbu! My children have been going to her since she first came to Yuma…and all four of them love her! I have never had any issues with her staff. They have always managed to squeeze us in when my kids have been sick and quick to return phone calls…I would definitely recommend Dr. Subbu and her staff…

  5. CW -

    We recently moved away from Yuma, and miss Dr. Subbu very much! We loved her direct, reassuring manner and the way she interacted with our kids. She is one of the only doctors I have ever met who will actually sit and talk with you about questions and concerns. As for comparing to her own children, I find that it is helpful to hear how she deals with situations that I am asking about, as she obviously can’t tell how she handled other patients. Her staff has never been rude to my family and all in all, we had wonderful experiences there. Thank you Dr. Subbu!

  6. Deann -

    Dr Subbu is an amazing Dr! We have been with her for years. she always listens and treats my children very well. We will stay with her until my kids are adults. I’ve never had a problem with her staff. I recommend her to anyone looking for a Pediatrician.

  7. happy mom -

    Dr. Subbu has a good attitude but doesn’t really listen. She brushes things off as “oh it’s normal”. Everything is normal by her standards. Her new receptionist is very nice but there is no order in that office. When you are there you’re not given an appointment for your kids’ next shots. I missed my sons 2 month shots, and then I got a letter from my insurance. Looks like my insurance keeps better track of these things. Then my daughter got her 4 year old shots when she was almost 5. You would think that they would be on top of these things. Maybe she doesn’t care to make money. Plus she moved offices and doesn’t even notify anyone. And vacation after vacation and sick day after sick day, maybe she should be a stay at home mom and let her husband be the doctor. Sending out a reminder card or a phone call to set up appointment s for shots would be nice.

  8. Sandra -

    We are so pleased with Dr. Subbu. Some things mentioned above are true – yes, she closes the office more than most other doctors due to vacation, illness, or who knows what other reasons – but she is in private practice, so this is to be expected. She’s a human being and a wife and mother. I actually feel a little relieved when I hear her tell the staff, “reschedule the last three appointments for today – I have to go home”…because it validates that a working mom needs to take care of herself and her own family too. For me her professionalism and quality of care more than make up for any minor scheduling inconveniences. She has been more than accommodating in seeing us for urgent matters and filling out annoying daycare paperwork. She is very smart, savvy, current on her medical research, and in tune with today’s parents. I appreciate her frank style and her straightforward guidance. And as others mentioned, she is SO sweet. My kids adore her and look forward to going to see her.

  9. Anonymous -

    I have been with Yuma Children’s Clinic since my twins were born in April 2007 after multiple horrible experiences at Yuma Peds. I have never had an issue with the staff. In the instances I have felt that the answer I received from Dr. Subbu was not to my liking, I have asked for a referal and have always had it done in a timely manner by the receptionist.

    For those of you that have had bad experiences, I am sorry, but you will experience that any where you go. I myself work in a setting where people are rude to me constantly and no matter how nice I am, their attitude is what makes them unable to be happy anywhere they go. Even if you change pediatricians, you will still experience bad staffing. It shows something when a physician has been open and maintained the same staff for this long. If Merlina or Berenice were gone, I would leave Dr. Subbu.

  10. Anonymous -

    Interesting that all these negative comments are on the receptionist, yet have you ever sat on that side of the counter and dealt with all of us stressed out mother’s?? Before I moved to Yuma, I worked in a medical office with screaming children and mother’s, that is not exactly an ideal situation. Dr. Subbu and her staff have always been gracious and worked at getting me in in a timely manner.
    Some of you must remember with being the only one at the front desk, you are dealing with phones, walk-in’s, and a full office. My hat’s off to Yuma Children’s Clinic!

    1. shannon -

      I have worked in pediatric clinics, adult clinics, as well as nursing homes, group homes and other chaotic settings. That is no excuse to be rude to patients, I understand that kids are crying parents are asking questions, phones are ringing and all of this is going on at once and there may only be one person there, it’s a little overwhelming at times yes but that’s still not an excuse. They knew what they signed up for when they got the job if they can’t handle it and be professional than they need to find another job that’s less stressful for them obviously!

  11. Amy -

    Miranda I couldnt agree more! Everytime we would take our son in she would compare him to her twins. & Her receptionist was ALWAYS on the phone & so rude! We switched & We love our new ped. I really hope Dr Subbu realizes she needs to fire her receptionist & get someone more qualified & KID FRIENDLY! & Stop thinking all kids are like her twins!

  12. Miranda -

    She is always on vacation and compares everything to her twins. She has very little time for each patient and her reception staff is lacking in their communication skills and they are just plain rude. On the phone with personal calls every time we go in. Never friendly with the children. Switching is the only option for us at this point.

  13. Anonymous -

    I chose Dr. Subbu because of the recommendations on this site AND a few from my husbands employees, however, I am switching peds because I have had 2 horrible experiences at her office. Her staff is SO RUDE! From the receptionist down to the nursing staff!

  14. Teresa and Rory -

    Dr. Subbu is a great doctor. My husband and I would recommend her to anyone! She listens and understands because her sons are toddlers so she knows what we're thinking. She's very down to earth, she remembers us and says hi in the grocery store. We've had a few run ins with getting an appointment with her, when her own children being sick but its ALL worth the wait in the end. Wonderful doctor!

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