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Yuma Pediatrics
2359 S 22nd Dr Ste 2
Yuma , AZ 85364
Phone: (928) 344-4800

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“I take my 4 children to Yuma Pediatrics. It was a bumpy start with the office staff at first, but after 8 years we have gotten into the groove. Dr. Crawford is great, Dr. Rajaram is very good with all of my kids. My favorite is Dr. Amon. She is a mom with young children and is very aware of what’s going on. What I really appreciate about her is her thoroughness. Hope this is helpful!”

Dr. Crawford
“Rori had her 1 year check-up with Dr. Crawford at Yuma Pediatrics today. I thought he was great!! The front office staff is a little frustrating, but I think we will see Dr. Crawford again!!”

“Yuma Pediatrics is great. Dr. Crawford/ Dr Cannell are wonderful and take the time with you. I have had bad luck with Maureen there – which is the Nurse Pract. – Once you get through the Front Office people you are in good hands.”

“Dr crawford from Yuma Pediatrics is Awesome! totally recommend him…… Patty Perry also a excellent Dr.”

“i really love Dr Crawford. He is caring and really gets to know my children during the visits we have with them. My boys love him. I can always get in the same day when my boys have had ear infections. I wouldnt want to go to anyone else … and the staff is also very helpful and kind :)”

“I LOVE DR CRAWFORD’s Office they are awesome! I had Dr Nuttaki and Dr Bernstiein and Dr Crawford Office is by FAR FAR FAR the best!”

Dr. Deckey
“I love Dr Deckey at Yuma Pedi! The front staff is good if its first thing in the morning but a little hectic the rest of the day. When I first walked in to the office I wasn’t in love with how the office looked, But the care is great! I also had amazing apt. with the nurse practitioner.”

Dr. Jean Amon
“I love Dr. Jean Amon, she’s amazing and knows what she’s doing. I really don’t mind about the staff being a bit rude (which is not often) as long as my daughters get the care that they need.”

“I love ..love Dr. Amon”

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16 thoughts on “Yuma Pediatrics

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  2. Mark -

    Walked into the office, and no one had said a word to us not even good morning. We then went to weigh our child where again the nurse wasn’t friendly at all. Then we saw Dr. Deckey who just walked in the room and started asking questions my wife had to ask her name . We have seen Dr. Crawford and Dr. Amon they are both fantastic and are the only reason we continue to come back. The others in the office need to work on their people skills.

  3. Anonymous -

    Last I heard, Dr. Crawford was not taking new patients. I see him but I don’t think he is allowed enough time to spend with his patients because the office is so overscheduled. The wait time to see any doctor is minimum 1 hour and I have waited up to 3 hours. The staff is not friendly but is efficient since they have been there for so long. I saw Dr. Amon once and she was nice but didn’t impress me. Good thing my children rarely get sick so I don’t have to go in often!

  4. Becca -

    Staff is deplorable. When I asked the nurse why she was giving my child her shots in te arm instead of the leg she said, “I don’t know…the doctor told me to.” All the doctors in the practice are fantastic. Although, if the hire such horrible staff it makes me wonder.

  5. Maria -

    I have to say that Yuma Peds is the worst place to take your kids. Starting with the office staff. Very but very rude!!! They are very complicated, just to make an appointment is complicated. They have a bad attitude and everytime u call they will say can u please hold and take 10-20mins there! Awfullllll! I hate it there service sucks! Plus everytime u go they are not focus and talking about their sat. Night! Ughhh i hate it! Not professional at
    All!!!! The only good thing i can say is that i love Dr. Amon shes the best!!!! But she has to move from
    There!!! For sure!

  6. Cindy J. -

    We love Yuma Pediatrics and highly recommend them. The office isn’t top-notch, as far as technology and visual appeal, but I have never had a problem getting my children in for an office visit and they have always been very thorough with both of my boys. I’ve been to this office dozens of times and only had to wait an unusually long time once . Other than that they are fairly quick, usually in and out in less than an hour. I do prefer certain providers over others – my favorites are Dr. Rajaram, Dr. Amon, and Dr. Crawford. I do believe all of the providers are competent though. If I moved back to Yuma I would definitely go back to Yuma Pediatrics.

    1. Cindy J. -

      I also wanted to add that I wouldn’t even consider bringing my children anywhere else if I moved back here. I cannot stress enough how much I love this practice and the people that work there – very dedicated people.

  7. Natalia H -

    I have taken my kids to Yuma Peds their whole lives and only had issues with them not wanting to diagnosis my children with Asthma or Allergies at a very young age but understand and appreciate the care and prudence taken prior to diagnosing or medicating. I understand the comments that the front desk staff could have more pep but honestly I do not care if they smile at me, as long as they can get my sick kid seen which they always do, in that aspect I would say the customer service is great. They are not there to be our friends they are there to do their job which I believe they do excellent.

  8. Tracy -

    The girls in the front are the WORST service i have ever received they are very rude and roll their eyes very chance they get.. But Dr. Crawford is very nice. He just needs to get rid of of those girls up front!!!!!

  9. Karina -

    The doctors are great if you ever get to see them. I have taken my children several times but always end up seeing the PA; she is great also. My only problem and the reason I am looking for a new pediatrician is the rest of the staff there. Hard to believe the front desk staff can be so rude and unprofessional son’t even expect a hello. They act like you are bothering them by showing up for an appointment.

  10. Paige -

    I absolutely LOVE Dr. Crawford & Dr. Amon at Yuma Pediatrics! The front desk is always super nice to us too and can always fit us in if she's sick. Around my daughter's first birthday, she stopped walking and was in extreme pain. Dr. Crawford was amazing through the whole testing process and when he had NO idea, he was honest and sent us to Tucson. Dr. Amon was at the hospital with me when they flighted us to Tucson and she comforted me the whole time, hugged me and assured me everything would be just fine–TOTALLY AMAZING DOCTORS and have GREAT bedside manner in times like this. I'll NEVER take her to another doc besides Crawford & Amon! 100000000% recommended!

  11. Anonymous -

    I love Yuma Pediatrics as well…and I can see by the comments everyone is pretty happy with the care their children get at the office. I don't necessarily think it's the "front office" that is bad, I just think it's very busy!! We all are concerned parents and want to get in and get seen, so we should be consider that when thinking about how busy and hectic it must get. The front office does it's best to help. 🙂

  12. Anonymous -

    Dr. Crawford is wonderful! His front desk staff almost had us wanting to leave with how they treated us with check in, but after the appt with him I would not take my daughters any where else. I was being told my daughter had autism for over a year! I didn't believe it and didn't see it, so when we transfered here I asked him and he said NO WAY! Found out she had a delay! I am so glad I didn't listen to those other doctors! She is now a happy 2 year old getting the help she needed!

  13. Momma A -

    I have been taking my children to Yuma Ped's since we moved to town in 2002. Dr Crawford has always been amazing. He was very supportive of breastfeeding my daughter and worked with me when her weight gain was slow, without pushing me to but her on formula. I am also a non-vax mom and he has never pushed me to do anything I am not comfortable with. I just recently met Dr. Amon and she was fantastic with my daughter. I did have one bad experience with my son years ago with a Nurse Practiced that is no longer on staff. She misdiagnosed my son and he ended up in the hospital. Like previous comments have noted, the office staff can be a little hard to work with and the front of the waiting rooms are a little bare. I think the quality doctors make up for those small flaws.

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