#1 Nails

#1 Nails
2850 South Pacific AvenueYuma, AZ 85365-3544(928) 317-9767
Yuma moms speak out.  See what other moms had to say about #1 Nails:

“I love #1 Nails on Pacific Ave by Walmart. Ann and her crew do a great job and are friendly as can be. I think their prices are very reasonable. I’ve never had to pay extra for a heel scrub. Only if I want a design on my freshly painted toes!”

“I love #1nails on Pacific by walmart also. I haven’t had a pedi there yet, however Jenny in there did my nails when I first moved here about 8mths ago. She does a great job and the nails lasted a long time!! I also have Jenny do my eyebrows and she is great!”

“I LOVE # 1 Nails on Pacific too! You cannot go wrong with any of the staff there. Ann, the owner does nails, but the rest of the staff do it all. They are super friendly, GREAT prices, massage chairs, and clean shop! I’ve been going to them off and on for over 6 years. A+++++”

9 thoughts on “#1 Nails

  1. Megan -

    This place is one of the worst places! One of the males that worked there decited to tell me I was fat and needed to loose weight.. it was the 1 and only time I went in there, I highly suggest Cali Pro Nails off of 4th & 16th street.. they are the BEST!

  2. Jennifer -

    Worst place ever. The employees there only care about money and if you din’t tip them, they’ll treat you like crap. Just got my nails done about 30 minutes ago and the paint in my nails is already cracking! Never ever coming back to that place again.

  3. Anonymous -

    I have to comment about #1 Nails on Pacific next to Walmart because I had the worst pedicure there ever! We just moved to town and had my mom with us for the week so we thought we'd check the reviews on YumaMom.com to find a nail salon. Everyone raved about #1 so we gave it a try. From the second I walked in, I was un-impressed. The salon was dirty, I mean dirty! The floors behind the chairs were disgusting and the salon needed a good scrubbing from top to bottom. But, foolishly, I was willing to look past that if the pedicure was great. It lasted exactly 28 minutes from start to finish. Maybe I'm spoiled coming from Phoenix, I don't know, but most of the salons back there include a massage. Not this one. She literally cleaned up my toes, briefly scrubbed my feet (not well enough though to get the dry skin off my heels so it was fairly pointless) and painted my nails. The "massage" was merely a quick rub to get the lotion on. I wanted to like this place because of the reviews, but it's awful, absolutely awful! My mom agrees. I hated the fact that I went expecting a relaxing pamper and walked away more stressed then when I entered.

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