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Corona Optique
2149 West 24th Street
Yuma, Arizona 85364
(928) 726-1100

Yuma moms speak out. See what other moms had to say about Corona Optique:

“Dr. Corona is fabulous, patient, explains everything. Been going to him for years.”

“Corona Optique is awesome especially for my small children.”

“I have Laura Hartman…she’s okay…then again…it’s just an eye exam. It’s not like you’re there for long anyway.”

“I might be biased since my hubby works at Corona Optique…but it is #1 and I love all of their designer glasses/sunglasses. πŸ™‚ I go to Dr. Hastings and Dr. Brown at Corona Optique and they’re both excellent.”

“I really like Dr. Lindley at Corona Optique. He remembers me year after year – which speaks a lot for a patient who only sees him once a year. He really makes you feel like you are an important patient while there. I never feel rushed and he is very thorough. I have recommended him to many people who now see him. Β He also is not pushy for you to buy contacts or glasses through Corona. (I purchase my contacts online and he is often impressed at the prices I can get them at.) And takes my recommendation when I ask for certain brands.”

“We have only great things to say about Dr. Laura Hartman at Corona Optique! She takes her time with the children and does well with those with special needs. She gave free vision screenings here at The Learning Pad Christian Preschool and Kindergarten. She screened almost 75 students FREE! She also took the time to answer parent questions. We are so thankful for the blessing she is! Her passion is evident!”

9 thoughts on “Corona Optique

  1. Nicole -

    I, too would highly recommend this clinic, it has wonderful drs. Also it happens to share a waiting room with an Ophthalmology clinic, Southwestern Eye Center, where insurance usually covers one eye exam a year. There they can check for all kinds of things, eye issues, diseases, etc…in patients of all ages and refer you to the optometry office as needed.

  2. Anonymous -

    I was very disappointed with the outcome of my experience with this office. Now the positive note is the office looks great and the staff was friendly just some didn’t seem very experienced. Now, I had several “little disappointed issues” from the beginning, but the biggest thing that really upset me was when I picked up my new glasses. I was so excited only to find out when I put them on, my vision was still “fuzzy & blurry”. When I mentioned it, the lady just said “oh, just give it some time for your eyes to adjust”. Well, I’ve been wearing glasses for almost 20 yrs so I know that’s usually the case for a little while. But my eyes would not adjust completely and I felt a lot of strain from one eye. Long story short, it turns out when I came back in to let them know, apparently there was NO prescription lens on one eye, and just for the other. Dr. had apparently noted I had 20/20 vision on one eye when clearly I still saw blurry. This was not at all mentioned at my appt so I’m not sure what had happened. Now I have to wait over 1 week just to see the Dr. about this issue and then I’m sure another 1 week or so again thereafter for glasses to be corrected. I am truly SO frustrated because I would have waiting as long as I needed to, to see the Dr. that day or the next (not a week 1/2 later). I definitely will not be going here again once this is all done and over with and will also be sharing this with my business blog. There’s been other reviews I had heard after I scheduled my 1st appt here and only wished I heard prior to the appt to help make my decision of where not to go. Being somewhat new to Yuma it’s always hard trying to pick new Dr’s. Maybe my error was the time of day (close to lunch time) who knows. Other minor issues also started from the get go. I filled out my forms ahead of time and had confirmed they took my ins so I just needed to hand over my insurance card to be copied. Well, almost 25 minutes later they tell me they can’t find the company name in their system. {In my experience w/ ins, it would have been faster to contact ins for verification}. Then, finally upon making it to the back office everyone seemed to be on lunch break so there was a lot of “I don’t know, do you want to take her” going on with a couple of the staff members. When I finally saw the Dr, the 1st thing he said was so you finally made it. {Well, what I should have said was yes after your staff finally put my chart in the system}! He mentioned he was starved and I was the last patient before he had his lunch… so again maybe this mess was all in the timing of my visit, but regardless this was one experience I won’t ever forget and will not recommend.

    1. Karen McCafferty -

      Thank you for your comments. I am truly sorry for any issues that you had with our office and I will certainly address them with my front staff. Insurance can be very frustrating to vertify. Many times the employers plans are subcontracted out to a third party vision insurance carrier. We have numerous websites to access to try and find the patients plan and secure authorization. As an example Blue Cross Blue Shield can have their vision plan with Eyemed, Vision Service Plan or directly with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Not knowing the circumstances of your insurance I can only apologize for any delay. Please call me if I can assist with any further concerns or questions. Best Regards, Karen McCafferty, Operations Manager 726-1100

  3. Anonymous -

    I made an appointment at Corona Optique, because personal issues I missed my appointment, I called to reschedule they told me since I didn't came to my appointment I can not make any more appointment with them. I can not be their patient. Sorry for them I have a Blue Cross / United Health Care Federal Health Insurance…

    1. Karen McCafferty -

      I am so sorry that you were upset with our office. Our policy is when a patient does not show for their appointment without calling to reschedule more than 2 times we can only see that patient on a walk-in basis only which usually means a wait. We do this because we schedule a half hour for each eye appointment and after two appointments missed we have already invested one hour in doctor time to that patient. We value every patient and try to run a schedule that is fair to all. A call to reschedule before the appointment is all we ask. We realize that life happens and there will be missed appointments, that is why we have the two missed appointment policy. If you would like to discuss this please feel free to contact me at 726-1100. Sincerely, Karen McCafferty, Operations Manager

  4. Anonymous -

    I was refered to Corona Optique and told that I should request Dr Haws. He diagnosed me within the first few minutes too. Now I take my mother, father and my grand children all to see Dr Haws. I won't see anyone else. He is the best eye doctor I have ever seen. I highly recommend him for anyone of any age.

  5. Anonymous -

    My daughter and I have been going to Corono for about 4 years. I was going blind and they other place kept switching my glasses and couldn't figure out why. 5 minutes with Dr. Hoff (or Huff?) and he knew exactly what was wrong. I had to switch to Dr. Brown because he started specializing in lower visin patients. They are all wonderful and don't make you feel like an idiot. They spend lots of time with you and are very patient. The ladies are great and experienced on helping you find th right glasses. I will never switch.

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