The Painted Fairy

I’ve heard rave reviews about The Painted Fairy.  What a fun event for a birthday party!  The Painted Fairy website has tons of pictures so that you can see examples of her work along with pricing.  She’ll be at the Fairy Party at Wet Westlands Park later this month.

The Painted Fairy uses only professional quality water-based face paints and materials approved for use on the face & body and follow strict health, safety and hygiene codes of practice.  This a family run business and her husband manufactures cotton candy that can also be incorporated into your party.

And if check out the pictures on her site, you’ll see she also does boy-friendly designs too.

One thought on “The Painted Fairy

  1. Jennifer White -

    I hired the Painted Fairy to come to my daughter’s 9th birthday party sleepover and I just wanted to say that it was an absolute hit with all the girls!! I would definitely recommend her to anyone. My other daughter is already requesting her for her party. 🙂 She charges only for the time she is painting and is very efficient. If you have a very large group you can opt to do just a cheek design or you can do full faces. She was very good with the kids and helping them decide what they wanted to do. I took pictures of each girl and we plan to send them each a copy in their “thank yous”. 🙂

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