Yum, Yum, Blackberries

My family had a great time blackberry picking at Silvas Farms.  We did this last year, but didn’t pick near enough to hold us over.  This time, we filled two buckets, getting us about 5lbs!  My husband is very diligent about his picking and has a good eye for spotting ripe blackberries.  Click here for more information about blackberry picking in Yuma.

As you can see here, the blackberries are quite big.  And keep in mind that the berry is in my husband’s big man hand.

This is after I washed them all and then laid them out to air dry before putting them in zip lock bags and freezing them.

Not sure what to do with all the blackberries?  This recipe for Apple-Berry Pie is so delicious that you’ll never make a plain old apple pie again.  To cheat and keep things simple, I often buy the Pillsbury Pie Crusts.  Silvas Farms has a recipe for Blackberry Cobbler that I’ve heard is really good.  Here’s a link to the recipes they have listed.  A few berries, some vanilla yogurt and granola and you’ve got yourself a nice breakfast or snack.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, we drink a lot of fruit smoothies at our house and will have no trouble finishing off these berries.

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