Desert Vet Clinic

Dr. Black & Dr. Haugo
995 South 5th Aveune
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 783-5010
(for our military families: be sure to ask about their military discount.  Thanks Jaime C.!)
Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms in Yuma had to say about Desert Vet:

“I really like Dr. Greene at Desert Vet Clinic. She is really sweet and great with our pets. Dr. Black and Dr. Haugo are great too.  They are also an AAHA accredited hospital.”

“Used to go to Ironwood but had problems with a $6 bill that they never charged me for and just sent to collections. A vet or doctor is only as good as their office support staff. Changed to Desert Vets which is pricey.”

“Desert Vet is great if you can pay an arm & leg for the service.”

“We switched to Foothills Animal Hospital and have had excellent care at a price that is affordable!”

“I used to take my dogs to desert vet because Dr Haugo is by far the best vet ever but I could no longer afford her. Switched to ironwood and love both vets there and all the staff. I’ve had problem children and they always go the most affordable route possible first.”

“I agree with Amy, my dogs and I love Dr. Greene at the Desert Vet Hospital. She is great nd the staff is super nice… ♥”

“I have to second Desert Vet Hospital! They have been able to get me in within hours and I believe they are pretty reasonable! I just called them today because my dog Dixie’s eye was swollen, before just rushing me in to make some cash, she told me to wait a day, use a hot compress and a tablet of benedryl. And it worked like a charm!”

“desert vet on 5th ave they have a great careing staff and they really love to help out when times were tough they really made me fill that they cared I lost two of my older dogs last year and theyreally helped me when I had to say good bye two my friends”

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