Ironwood Vet

2632 South Avenue B, Yuma, AZ 85364 
(928) 726-5432 

Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms in Yuma had to say about Ironwood Vet:

“Dr Stack at ironwood vet. Dr Perry at the same vet charges more so we make sure to see dr stack every time. We love her, she is awesome with our great Dane who is terrified of the vet. The office staff is awesome too, and prices are reasonable.”

“I used to take my dogs to desert vet because Dr Haugo is by far the best vet ever but I could no longer afford her. Switched to ironwood and love both vets there and all the staff. I’ve had problem children and they always go the most affordable route possible first.”

“Here’s another vote for Dr. Stack at Ironwood. She’s wonderful and the staff is too!”

“We use Dr. Stack and Ironwood, they are great and care about how you feel about your pet as much as they care about your pet!”

“I try to use the YPG vet whenever possible, especially when they’re at MCAS, because it saves me so much expense. Usually I’m only lucky enough to get appointments for things like shots, because I can make appointments far ahead of time. For last-minute vet care, I’ve been using Ironwood. I have to say they are very thorough, so you can be sure they’ll leave no stone unturned or option unmentioned when deciding on a diagnosis and care. Sometimes I feel that they’re too thorough – I’ve spent a lot more money than I cared to, only to find out that what was ailing my dogs just needed time to go away on its own.”

“Used to go to Ironwood but had problems with a $6 bill that they never charged me for and just sent to collections. A vet or doctor is only as good as their office support staff. Changed to Desert Vets which is pricey.”

“Dr Stack at Ironwood vet, we love her. The other vet at the office isn’t as friendly and charges more. Our puppy broke his foot and Dr Stack charged $20 per weekly bandage change, tje other vet charged $75. The office staff is super friendly. We board our Great Dane there regularly, and our cats get great care as well. Highly recommended.”

“We also go to Ironwood (near Ave B and 24th St) and have been very happy with everyone there.”

“Another vote for Ironwood. My husband’s family has been taking their pets there for 20+ years.”

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  1. Nerissa -

    I had a great experience at Ironwood Vet. They got me right in when I needed. The receptionist was very friendly and offered for me to tour their boarding facility (which I don’t recommend) just so I could see it even though I told them I preferred to board somewhere else. My husband took our dog into the vet. They were on time, he said the vet was extremely nice and he was home super fast. No waiting. They even called the next day to make sure we didn’t have any concerns and that all our questions had been answered. They were also quite reasonably priced.

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