Veterinarian Recommendations Wanted

Many of us with kids also have furry friends that are a part of our families.  A lot of moms have been asking for advice on where to take their pets.  Please post a comment below about your local veterinarian. What do you like/dislike about them?  What about the pricing?

You can post your comment under this blog, add it to the discussion board on Facebook, or email it to me. I’ll then repost your comments in a new post about each veterinarian clinic. All reviews will be anonymous when reposted. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Veterinarian Recommendations Wanted

  1. Anonymous -

    We take ours to Arizona West Veterinary Clinic. They are great over there and the prices are very reasonable! I have found from my own personal experience that Desert Vet really took advantage of us, any time we'd take our dog in, we'd leave there paying almost $200 every time just for "routine" things that "needed" to be done. The vets at AZ West (County 14th & 3E) are great and won't do any unnecessary testing and they'll let you know the cost ahead of time. They're great!~Sara W.

  2. Aridell -

    Dr Stack at Ironwood vet, we love her. The other vet at the office isn't as friendly and charges more. Our puppy broke his foot and Dr Stack charged $20 per weekly bandage change, tje other vet charged $75. The office staff is super friendly. We board our Great Dane there regularly, and our cats get great care as well. Highly recommended.

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