Arizona Classical Ballet

Arizona Classical Ballet offers ballet, pointe, comtemporary, tap, hip hop, tumbling, jazz / pilates, praise & worship & zumba.  They have classes begining at 20 months!
In addition to their weekday schedule, they also offer classes Saturday morning for toddlers and preschoolers.  A couple of friends take their daughters on Saturday and say that Mrs. Barbara is wonderful with children. Click here for their full schedule.

Yuma moms speak out.  Find out what other moms had to say about Arizona Classical Ballet:

“I have 4 sons, and they dance at Arizona Classical Ballet. My oldest son is becoming quite a talented adult male ballet dancer and prefers classical ballet, which is why ACB is a great place to dance.  For younger boys who want to do hiphop or breakdance, ACB has a great teacher. We have looked at almost all the dance studios in Yuma and none of them has a hiphop class that is truly for boys except ACB. They also offer worship dance with Miss Barbara.”

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11 thoughts on “Arizona Classical Ballet

  1. Mom -

    The teachers at Arizona Classical Ballet are equally skilled with all ages and levels of proficiency. They are also kind and patient with little ones. It is a small studio that provides one-on-one attention for students. I give it my highest recommendation.

  2. Pamela Osterman -

    As the Nana of a student at Arizona Classical Ballet, I am thrilled with the lessons that I have observed. Excellent, caring teachers who are getting their students to perform their best!

  3. Amanda Anderson -

    Erika and Bradley are great. Erika is one of the only classically trained ballerinas in Yuma. She grew up here and came back to share her love of ballet with our kids. I can’t think of a better place for a child to learn ballet than with Erika.
    She teaches special needs children for reduced rates and teaches ballet at Crossroads Mission.
    Anyone should feel confident that their child is getting a great ballet education with Erika.

  4. Elizabeth -

    If you are considering dance for your child I would like to strongly suggest that you avoid Arizona Classical Ballet, as well as the owners, Erika and Bradley Bowen. The studio made a large move from a building on Main Street to a building at their home. This has caused many problems. Their financial state of affairs is questionable. The studio went an entire week with NO RUNNING WATER but held classes anyway. Neighbors have complained about the number of cars parking on the street and so they have asked parents not to stay for classes but to just drop off their children. This leaves no accountability to the owners. The children are unsupervised unless they are in class. There is no room for students waiting for class to be in the studio and they don’t want the students in their house so they have the students waiting OUTSIDE on the patio and in the Yuma heat. On one occasion, I had to go pick up my friend’s daughter because she had a medical emergency and when I had arrived, NO ADULT had aided the child. She was on her own with the help of a bunch of other kids and in fact, niether of the owners knew what had happened. UNACCEPTABLE. We brought this up to the owners who became immediately defensive. Bradley stopped all communications with the mother. He would not deal with her at all after that. Highly unprofessional behavior.
    Bradly’s moods have become worse and worse. Just the other night, after a refund was requested by a parent, Bradly verbally accosted a student for sitting against a wall instead of dancing in a dance routine that she was not part of. The student’s response “he’s just in one of his moods”. When is it ok for a child to be so used to an adults behavior that they make that kind of statement.
    As this story has been talked over, more issues have come to surface of Bradly’s temper and verbal assault against his students. I and other parents are currently working to file a formal complaint against Arizona Classical Ballet and Bradley Bowen.

  5. Kathie -

    We’ve been part of ACB for a year now. My daughter absolutely loves it. Erica really is encouraging and sees the talent in every child. My daughter feels like a prima ballerina every time she comes in.

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  7. Mom -

    ACB is a very professional ballet studio, with a strong love of dance. I love how encouraging and loving the director Erika is with the children. Really motivates them to love the art of dance. I would highly recommend this studio to others. My daughter absolutely loves Miss. Erika and the office staff too.
    Keep up the excitement ladies.

    God bless you all. And most of all, encouraging my daughter to love dance.

  8. Anonymous -

    Arizona Classical Ballet provides a very supportive and encouraging environment for children of all ages with an emphasis on acceptance of each child where they are in their level of dance. There is a positive and caring environment for them to grow in their love of dance as they perfect their dance technique and form. Ms. Erika Farrar Romanyuk, owner/director, a professional ballet dancer for over 20 years, provides a high level of professionalism and experience as she teaches and demonstrates proper ballet technique. Ms. Barbara, a first grade teacher in a local public school, teaches the youngest children at Arizona Classical Ballet and she also comes with many years of dance experience along with a degree in dance with honors. Arizona Classical Ballet is a wonderful studio for children to dance and has many performing opportunities for children to showcase their dance abilities, personality and artistry while enhancing self esteem and confidence.

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