Gateway Park & Swimming

If you’re looking for an escape from the Yuma heat and sun, Gateway park provides a nice shady place to play in the sand and water.  Just under the Ocean to Ocean Highway bridge, below the Yuma Territorial Prison, you can enjoy the Colorado river, sandy beach, and shallow waters fun for playing and floating.

Located downtown, you can get there by turning onto S. Gila Street and head under the Interstate (not over the bridge).  Thanks to the I-8 overpass, much of the parking is shaded too! Click here to find Gateway Park on a map.

Gateway park also has a playground, covered picnic tables, and trails.  There’s a paved trail that goes from Gateway park to West Wetlands that I highly recommend for a family bike ride when the weather is cooler.


There is a little shower station where you can wash off dirty feet and toys on the way out. There is also a restroom, although it’s a little higher up near the parking. If you go, be sure to pack some sand toys, water shoes, a blanket to sit on, snacks and swim gear.

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  1. Rex -

    There is a very dangerous deep hole near the far side of the train bridge. This hole comes with a very strong current. I bring my children there but it is very important to know about the drop offs and to stay close to the kiddos. There have been a few drownings because there is nothing posted.

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