The Dancer's Workshop of Yuma, Home of JAMS Dance Co.

3780 S. 4th Ave, Suite 1
(928) 314-3262
Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms had to say about The Dancer’s Workshop of Yuma, Home of JAMS Dance Co:

“Both of my girls go to JAMS and have for the past two years. We love it! More affordable than some others and the instructors treat the kids like their own.”

“My 8 year old was enrolled in JAMS Dance Studio for several months. The price was very affordable. However, I wasn’t happy with the instructor at all. She constantly criticized the kids and made my daughter cry on several occasions. I sat in on almost every lesson and honestly never once heard her compliment any of the students. She’s a very knowledgeable teacher, though, which I liked. I just thought she lacked a lot of compassion and skills with how to properly deal with and motivate children.”

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7 thoughts on “The Dancer's Workshop of Yuma, Home of JAMS Dance Co.

  1. Dawn -

    We absolutely love Miss Myriah. My girls are 4 and 6 years old and have been going to Miss Myriah for six months now. She is their first instructor and they wake up every morning counting down to ‘dance class day’. Do not let the negative comment above scare you off. I am about as overprotective and obsessive as a mother can be and I trust Miss Myriah with my girls completely. She is passionate about what she teaches and is very energetic, the kids can feel this and they respond. I have heard mothers from other studios complain that their kids aren’t learning anything, I can promise you Miss Myriah will teach them and they will have fun. She does compliment the kids, if the kids are trying! My daughters have gained so much knowledge and confidence by going to Dancer’s Workshop. We love the pre-dance class and the variety it teaches.

  2. Anonymous -

    I started dancing at Dancers Workshop about a year ago. I first started just taking ballet and pointe until Myriah suggested for me to start taking her modern class she said it would help me a lot and it did. I really liked it and Myriah always incouraged me to do better and she believed in me like she does in all of her dancers. I always felt like she pushed us and made every single dancer better. I love Dancers Workshop it's the best dance studio in Yuma.

  3. Anonymous -

    I am a dancer at Dancers Workshop, and I am hear to say that I have never had a better oportunity to work with such determined and loving dancers and teachers. I am also apart of JAMS Co., and it just opened even more doors to find my potential and strength to being a wonderful dancer! I couldnt ask for more 🙂 Teachers at our studio push you just enough to were you really want to keep learning the arts of dance and blossoming into a beautiful person. Dancers Workshop and JAMS have changed my life! They have offered friends, almost another home, and to me, another family! Come try dancing with us! You wont regret it 🙂 Thank you Myriah, for giving all us dancers a place to show our passion and love , and giving us a place where we can share it all!

  4. Anonymous -

    Dancer's workshop and myriah open the door for me when i had no idea where to go to continue dancing and what i see on this studio is they are always pushing you and challenging you to become the best you can be and giving you opportunities to developed yourself as a person. is affordable and the doors are always open for everyone to join.

  5. Lorie Cano -

    My daughter was out of the dance seen for several years, when I took her to Dancers Workshop, she was welcomed by Myriah in a positive way, she enrolled her in all the classes she needed to catch up, the next year she made the company! I am delighted to have a fresh new dance director with some new ideas, she is friends with all but is still strict enough to get the girls motivated and stay in touch with their poticial as dancers, Thanks Miriah for all that you do for our community!

  6. Anonymous -

    Dancer's Workshop is for many of us a second home away from home! I am a student at Dancer's Workshop and it's by far the best thing that has happened to me in three years! When I get older and have kids I plan into putting them into dance at exactly this same studio. Myriah Farrar is a great teacher/director/and friend. This dance studio has helped many girls exceed their potential and we keep exceeding and reaching our goals! JAMS is the only professional dance company in Yuma and it's lucky to have a home like Dancer's Workshop! A special thanks to Miss. Linda for planting this seed in 1976 and now, in 2010 it has bloomed even bigger! Dancer's Workshop is the BEST place to dance at 🙂 To watch JAMS dance is to hear their hearts speak….Don't believe it, give Dancer's Workshop a try 😀 the doors are always open, well, from 3-9pm ofcourse 🙂

  7. Anonymous -

    BOYS dance for free!!! A very positive atmosphere for ANY person 2yrs and older. All styles of dance and gymnastics offered affordably, lots of family discounts and ALL of the teachers are very knowledgeable and patient!!! Don't get me wrong they are hard on the kids enough to get them where they should be… You will find all information you need!!

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