Young Minds Preschool

Young Minds Preschool
1881 South 4th Avenue
Yuma, AZ 85364-5668
(928) 783-4979

Yuma Moms Speak Out: See what other moms had to say about Young Minds Preschool:

“I have really liked Young Minds Preschool. Casa De Ninos was full when I needed it and was able to get in to Young Minds (4 yrs a go) I haven’t had much luck finding a summer program for my school-ager that I like but as daycare for your little ones, Young Minds hands down.”

“My son attends young minds preschool, I love it. He began shortly after turning 2 and has been there almost a year. He enjoys going and even asks to go on the weekends. They have a good curriculum and the staff are great. The director and assistant director are very involved and always available should any problems arise.”

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4 thoughts on “Young Minds Preschool

  1. Anonymous -

    Very Unprofessional!!! They forcibly excused my son after being there only three full days. They took no action to correct issues. They refused to properly devise a plan to address issues and when prompted to come with a plan I was asked to leave. The owner indicated such issues would not be tolerated because she could not afford the time needed to appropriately address the issues and she felt such issues cost her future business. Her disciplinary actions used berated and exasperated my son making him feel rejected and shamed, and intensified his angry. We appropriately consulted some early childhood development specialists after this and they indicated: three full days was not adequate time for my son to adjust since he had never been in school before, refusing to appropriately devise a professional plan or seeking advice from early childhood development coaches provided no opportunity to develop solutions which made it impossible to correct the issues leaving the child and parents frustrated, using improper discipline techniques designed to shame the child instead of using proper techniques that are commonly known to properly trained early childhood professionals, and not appropriately coordinating with the parents indicates inflexibility of the owner, and unprofessionalism rooted in improper training and lack of interpersonal skills needed to address issues. So bottom line this school is more interested in making money and any child that does not conform will be eliminated, instead of professionally focusing appropriately on educating and developing children that have diverse personalities and issues. Beware such unprofessionalism could seriously harm or impede your child’s development.

  2. Michelle -

    My oldest son went to young minds and my youngest will be starting there in a few weeks. We love this preschool, the staff are amazing. The assistant director even sent my oldest a postcard to wish him luck before he started kindergarten.

  3. happy mom -

    My 5 year old has been attending young minds since he was 3 years old and he had learned so much. The staff is friendly and pretty good with children. My husband and I are convinced that this preschool was the best choice to our son, for we are getting good results in his education (he is already reading and writing). so we definetly recomend Young Minds to everyone.

  4. Anonymous -

    Going on 3 years at Young Minds and love it! I have 2 girls who love going, learn a ton; from letters, shapes, colors and even who our president is, and have made great friends! Teachers are caring and the environment is very welcoming!

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