Dr. Kristina Diaz, Family Medicine

Dr. Kristina Diaz
at Yuma Valley Family Medicine Center
2270 S. Ridgeview Drive, Suite 303
(928) 782-1903

Dr. Kristina Diaz- Family Medicine- is new to Yuma.  She received her medical doctorate from Ross University School of Medicine and completed her residency at University of Kansas Medical Center during summer 2010. Dr. Diaz spent several years in Yuma community as a young lady and has returned with her husband Roberto and their one year old son, Robbie. Dr. Diaz joined the practice of Yuma Valley Family Medicine Center.  Dr. Diaz’s practice is open to patients of all ages needing any type of general medicine care.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Kristina Diaz, Family Medicine

  1. Angelina Gutierrez -

    All my kids go with Diaz including myself she’s great. We totally love Dr.Diaz !! The girls at the front desk have always been polite and nice I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone! I have never had no issues with her at all or her staff. Everyone has there dislikes and like about everyone but i have never seen them upset.

  2. Janey -

    My entire family – husband, both kids, myself and my mom – use this practice. We totally love Dr Diaz! The girls at the front desk have always been polite and considerate, and when I’ve had an emergency, I was able to get an appointment within two hours. I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone!

  3. Amber Sanchez -

    I USED to visit this office as well. After many encounters with rude, inattentive staff, I decided to switch. I was given an appointment only to be chided for not having blood-work done. The problem was that I had NEVER even been given an order for it! Nor told it should be done! The doctor I saw there was Dr. Ochoa, and he was alright, but it was not worth the wait, the inconvenience, or frustration to see him.

  4. doug bingham -

    Dr Kristina Diaz’s office visit was an example of what a dr office should NOT DO. I went to her because I needed an order for an x-ray of my ankle… but was told that I would have to wait four hours for an appointment… not once did the inept receptionist lean up on one buttcheek and look down to assess the urgent nature of my injury. Later (after leaving without being seen) I called and asked to speak with her. After waiting 22 minutes on the phone I was finally able to speak with her and find out if she knew of the total failure in Patient care that was being allowed by the receptionist. She interrupted me four times (RUDE) then made the feeble attempt to defend her employee. Needless to say, she’s so fired from being my doctor. I’m waiting to be seen at another office right now. And that’s better than I got at dnctor diaz’s office!

    1. Anonymus -

      I would like to say that it is actually amazing that you were going to be seen the same day by your family doctor instead of going to an urgent care where they know nothing about your medical background. Also, If Im going to the doctors office is for the DOCTOR who actually went to medical school and has the degree to assess my condition not the receptionist. I love this office and their staff and had had only wonderful experiences everytime I visit them. Most of my family members are also seen there and none of them have ever had any complaints.

      1. doug bingham -

        1. Anonymous… it’s spelled anonymous. A fourth grade education would correct your inability to spell.

        2. My certifications enable me to assess what I need to see a family doctor for and what I need to take to the E.R.

        3. The first employee greeting patients needs to have the ability to function with common sense.

        4. You may not have a problem now, but eventually, you will.

    2. Janey -

      If you had an “urgent” need, perhaps you could have went to the emergency room instead? And did you know that the receptionist is NOT qualified to “assess the urgent nature of your injury”? She’s the receptionist, not the doctor or PA!!

      1. doug bingham -

        A real doctors office would have had someone at the front desk with common sense. I’ve gone to the doctor on different occasions with a broken arm, broken foot, and other various injuries and problems…and have always had the problem handled. Then I switched to Diaz because she was recommended by a friend. Worst experience ever. Never again.

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