Dr. Sa’ad Al Alou, Pediatrician

Yuma Kids Clinic
Dr. Sa’ad Al Alou
2270 S. Ridgeview Drive, Suite 201
(928) 783-1222

Dr. Sa’ad Al Alou is new to Yuma. He received his medical doctorate from University of Technology of Santiago in the Dominican Republic and went on to complete his residency at St. Joseph/Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital in New Jersey.

Dr. Al Alou and his wife Amina recently relocated from Washington State and have welcomed a new son since their arrival. Dr. Al Alou also has a 9 year old daughter who lives in the Phoenix area. He opened a general Pediatrics practice in the ProMed building, located across the street from YRMC.  Dr. Al Alou is extremely devoted to his Pediatric and adolescent patients and loves the challenges that the pediatric field brings. His practice is open to patients from newborn to 18 years of age.

27 thoughts on “Dr. Sa’ad Al Alou, Pediatrician

  1. Laura S -

    I don’t recommend Alou. At my son’s 3 year check up Dr. Alou told me that my son is probably autistic. He said this without approaching, touching or talking to my son. Immediately after approaching and interacting with my son he said there’s no way he’s autistic. I wish that the doctor would have examined my son before suggesting he was autistic. At the same visit my son failed a hearing test. The doctor referred us to a very expensive hearing test in Phoenix. The hearing test in Phoenix showed no hearing problems. The doctor also billed us twice for the 3 year check up because he answered a question about speech development. Alou’s office was unwilling to reverse the double billing.

  2. Nerissa -

    We love Dr. Alou! He is very knowledgeable, he comes from the Pacific Northwest where he was Chief of Peds and he continues in that role here at Yuma Reginonal Medical Center. He has always impressed me with his precise diagnosis, and he is able to do most testing in his office, so you don’t get sent out for a lot of things (e.g. allergy testing, circumcision). He does not round in the hospital, the hospitalist will see you for inpatient newborn care. But, he can ALWAYS get you in! Which I so greatly appreciate. It’s a huge concern of me when I am with a pediatrician’s office and they say, we can see you in 3 days when my kid has an acute issue. Dr. Alou is great!

  3. Yatta A. -

    I would Definitely not recommend Dr. Alou! First off let me start by saying i do not have anything against anyone who wishes to contiune to see him, however, what i experienced was not professional whatsoever. It started as a just a regular well child check up for my son, who was just turning a month old. We’re new to the area, and my husbands co-workers had suggested that we use Dr. Alou as our childs pediatrician. My husband wasnt feeling to well that day, so my mother went with me to my son’s wellness check up. When in the office my mother asked Dr. Alou if he could check my son for Jaundice. without a second thought Dr. Alou immediately blurted out “He doesnt have Jaundice.” My mother then asked him some general questions about Jaundice. Instead of answering her, He goes on about the fact that my son does not have jaundice. Meanwhile i’m standing there with my son in my arms trying to get Dr. Alou to stop arguing with my mother and get back to checking my son. He barley looks at my son, asks if we have any more questions then leaves the room. I go to checkout and the lady at the front desk says “Dr. alou cannot see you anymore.” I ask why she says ” Its because there is something wrong with your insurance.” I know there was nothing wrong with my insurance because nothing had changed since my last visit. I ask her what was wrong with my insurance, she says nothing and starts writing down names of other Pediatricians and hands me the list. I ask her what its for she Says “For another Pediatrician.” i ask why do i need a list for another pediatrician and she says Dr. alou no longer wants to see your son! I ask to speak to Dr. alou and she says hes in a meeting. i ask if i can come back, she says oh well he doesn’t want to talk to you. Mind you I had nothing to do with him arguing with my mother(who was only in town to go to one visit). He punished me and my son for him arguing with my mother in the office. I’m sorry but that’s not professional on any level and i lost complete respect for this Dr. not acceptable at all! and he never apologized!
    I would never recommend him to anyone especially since he cannot face his patients himself. I have Dr. Decky now at Yuma pediatrics and she has been wonderful with my son, and answers any questions that we have.

  4. Amber H -

    Is everyone talking about the same Dr here ? You guys know there are two brothers in the same parking lot right? Literally right across from each other.. One is Fahd (who I’m not impressed with at all) and the other is Fa’ad (who was recommended to me but he doesn’t take our insurance) both Al-Alou….

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  6. Julie -

    DR. Alou has been nothing but professional with our needs and is the only pediatrician in town honored our concerns for testing our daughter for allergies. No complaints here, no hurry up and rush to the next patient either.

  7. Asia -

    I Love Dr. Alu ! I couldn’t ask for a better pediatrition for my daughter. He always takes time with me to answer questions and talk about concerns, and I appreciate how good he is with my daughter.

    Also wanted to say iif Dr.Alu wants to move from Washington to Yuma, he can! And unless you know for a FACT that he his running away from something, it’s WRONG on your part to impute bad motives and diminish his reputation based on nothing…

  8. Stacy -

    We have been going to Dr Alou for almost a year, our son has a serious medical condition and needs lots of care, Dr. Alou has been always very through with us, never made us feel rushed, he gave us all the time that we need to go over our questions and concerns, got out of his way to call the specialists, and got us sooner to be seen.
    We are very happy with him, we really appreciate his help and we will continue to go to him.

  9. cely -

    I do not recommend Dr. Alou i felt that he didnt always take the time to listen to me, i even got an eye roll once when i kept on insisting that my lil 25mth old was under weigt and even passed out once… so i switched to Dr.Bellot and I LOVE HER i feel that when i express my worries to her she listens 100%..might be that she was that motherly instinct

  10. Kim D. -

    I really like Dr. Alou. He is very friendly, professional, great with my child, and I never feel rushed. The office is always clean and the ladies at the front desk are always courteous. I’ve had to take my child in a few times b/c she woke up sick and was able to bring her in to the office within a few hours. All in all, I would recommend Dr Alou.

  11. Mira -

    Thank God Dr. Alou started to take my insurance again, we have blue cross and we could not take our kids there in the past but we are so excited when we heard the news and we will continue going to his office.
    We always have a positive experience; and we get seen right away.
    We recommend him to all family and friends, 🙂

  12. Justine -

    I met Dr Alou after Bernstein’s office was closing. He was highly recommended and when I called that day to set up a meet and greet they were able to see me within hours. Alou was very kind and got down to (at the time) my 19mos old son’s level. He asked him questions and got to know him a bit. Then he talked with me. He was so attentive and in no rush to get me out of his office. At the time I was about 8 mos pregnant so I went ahead and set him up as my pediatrician for the birth. As soon as I had my second son he was in my room shortly after. He saw my oldest sitting in the room and went right up to him and said “Hi Michael! Are you excited about your new brother?” No one in the room had mentioned Mike’s name. Now, I don’t care if he simply read my file or my family’s file before walking in and that’s how he knew/remembered my son’s name but the point is he took that extra time and effort to speak to my son directly and by name.
    Now jump a few months after: There was a new nurse in his office that I was NOT fond of. She was nervous and jumpy and just not confident about anything. She made me very uncomfortable and gave my infant a chot incorrectly (it swelled for a month which is not mormal if done right) I was stupid and said nothing about my concerns to Alou. However the next time I was in his office I found out she had been fired. He asked me if I had had any problems with her and when I told him everything I had felt toward her he was rather upset with me that I never said anything. He urged me to never hold it in again and that she possibly would’ve been ‘let go’ much sooner if my incident had been added to her file. Kind of a guilt trip, but it was one I needed. I’ve never been one to hold in my opinions and don’t know why I happened to do so at that moment. Safe to say, I love Alou and feel like he’s attentive and thorough. Everyone has different experiences. So many things can affect someone’s impression. At first I didn’t care too much for the office staff, however the first time I met them it was 4pm on a school day and there were very obnoxious grade school kids in the office. The next time I saw them was in the morning with a low patient volume and they were funny and very pleasant.
    Sorry for the long comment, LOL, but I just had to share.

  13. Lauren -

    I would NOT recommend Dr. Alou. My son had chronic diarrhea for over two months and he continued to pawn it off as a “stomach bug.” (He even lost 4lbs and that didn’t raise a red flag to Dr. Alou, which it should have!) I insisted that stool cultures should be done and he said it would be unnecessary, but ordered it for me simply because I pushed the idea on him. Turns out my son had Shiga toxin and after the culture came up 99% positive, Dr. Alou stated that it could just be “symptomatic” and wanted to wait another two weeks before considering treatment! I was fed up with his negligence in the issue, having to strip my son’s crib every morning and re-bathe him because he would wake up with diarrhea in his hair (this occurred even after midnight diaper changes). I pulled my son from his office and contacted Dr. Perry’s office and I heard her in the background upset, demanding why Dr. Alou had not treated my son with any antibiotics. Dr. Perry set up an emergency appointment for me and started antibiotics that day. In short, I would not put my faith in him as a mother.

  14. Mira -

    We have been going to dr.alou fpr a year and a half , and we are so sad that our insurance is not accepted there anymore.
    We love him, we love his office and my children are so ,so comfortable with him.
    My husband and I talked about it , and we looked up diffrent pediatricians and went to visit a couple of offices ,but We decided that we are going to continue to go to his office , and we are shopping for a diffrent insurance.

  15. Sarah -

    I agree with Cindy, we also love Dr. Alou, we also will continue to see him even though he does not take our insurance; my 3 kids deserve a good pediatrician, we will switch insurances before we let go of him, LOL.

  16. Cindy -

    We have been going to Dr Alou for a year, and we love it, the office is beautiful, the staff is very polite and helpful, and Dr. Alou is very kind and professional, he listens; he explains to us and never rushed us.
    Before, we tried all clinics, we have been to the ER and urgent care, spent lots of money on co pays and medicine, and for the last year we have not been to any urgent care or ER, we are so happy that he treated his asthma well, and gave us a clear plan on what to do if he gets sick.
    He always sees us if my son s sick AND right away! My son loves him and wants to be him when he grows up.
    We are so happy with his care and even though he stopped taken our insurance, we will not go anywhere else, my son deserve a good Doctor.

  17. Fisher Family -

    Dr. Alou is good but his staff is horrible. First, it took months of calling & coming in to finally get the prescriptions I so badly needed for my sons therapies for his Autism. Then twice they made appointments but couldn’t tell me who or what the appointments were for. Then they screwed up a referral for a much needed hearing test & charged me a butt-load of money for it even though I did all the work (calling the hospital, setting up appointment, getting correct codes & fax number for referral, etc). Gave my son a vaccine booster for chicken pox 8 days, rather than 28 days later which made it completely invalid & a waste of time & money. And now they are not accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield. This is the 3rd pediatrician we have been bounced to & I am really sick of Yuma pediatricians & their horrible service.

  18. Joanne -

    We had to find a new pediatrician because my new health insurance didn’t cover our current pediatrician. Dr. Alou was one of the few peds covered by the new insurance and boy am I glad we had to change! We took my son in for one ailment, which Dr. Alou treated, but he didn’t stop there. He checked on a previous injury that another doctor had treated and immediately took “ownership” of my son as his patient. I was impressed about how much he seemed to care about the well-being of my son, and not just treating him for what we came in for and then sending us away.

  19. Ashley -

    We love Dr. Alou!! We had to look for a new ped. for our son after Bernsteins office closed we loved Bernstein as well.. we made a huge mistake by choosing Dr Subbu.. we then heard good reviews on Dr. Alou & we quickly changed to him & We just LOVE HIM and his staff! There so friendly & We never have to wait long. He explains everything to us and my son never gives him a hard time. Really thankful we have a pediatrician like him in Yuma!

  20. Jennifer R -

    I haven’t seen Dr. Alou yet but from my research we will definitely be calling for an appt. to meet with him and interview him to be our son’s pediatrician. We are due in Oct. I find it very unlikely that he moved due to professional misconduct, as that kind of thing is public record. He can’t practice if his license was suspended or taken away. If he has a daughter living in the Phoenix area it’s probably more likely that he moved to be closer to her.

  21. Erin -

    We have looked up information about Dr. Alou and have yet to find anything. Will you please elaborate on what you were eluding to? There are several of us that take our kids to his clinic and are left feeling very uneasy.


  22. Kimberly M. -

    I recently took my 3 year old son to Dr. Alou as his former pediatricians office closed, and we were very unhappy with our old ped. so we were looking for a new Dr. anyway. I was VERY happy with the service. Dr. Alou did something our former Ped. never did… He talked to me without yelling, he actually showed me my son’s growth chart and went over it with me, he talked to me about my plans for vaccinations and schooling, he did not judge me or put me down when I said my son was breastfed as an infant and I will be breastfeeding future children, he was nice to my son who at the age of 3 is TERRIFIED of Dr’s after his last Dr. literally yelled at me and his Grandmother in front of him, at his 2 year appointment which my son remembers to this day. I highly recommend Dr. Alou, and am so thankful our old Dr.’s office closed.

  23. Andrea b -

    I really like Dr Alou & his staff. Both are prompt, thorough, & very approachable. Have had to see on several, walk in visits & never have had to wait long & ea time my boys have walked away smiling & feeling better by the end of the same day.

  24. Stacey -

    Unlike Jennifer I really like Dr. Alou. He has been great with my daughter. My daughter who is almost 2 likes him as well. I looked up his info in washington state but see no comments about him. So in my opinion he left for other reasons other then bad medical practice. My nieces see him as well and my sister and the girls like him to. There has been once or twice where Ive had to wait a while to be seen but that was during RSV/cold season and alot of children were being diagnosed with RSV or bronchiolitis. So that was understandable to have a longer then usual wait. Im not sure Jennifer if you have ever met or seen Dr. Alou but I find him to be good.

  25. Jennifer -

    I personally would not recommend Dr. Alou as a pediatrician for my child. Without going into details, I would question why it is that Dr. Alou left Washington state. As in response to the two previous comments left; I’m sure his nurses are great. His office is spotless, for I’m sure he has a great cleaning service. You’ll never have to wait too long for an appointment because the more appointments he gets scheduled for the day is more money in his pocket. There are good doctors out there, I just don’t believe he is one of them.

  26. Monya R -

    We have started seeing Dr. Alou on Dr. Bernstein’s recommendation – and I have to say, he’s great so far! The office is beautiful and clean, the office staff is friendly and helpful, the waiting room time was minimal, and Dr. Alou himself is extremely patient & friendly. My son had to get a shot, and the nurse was very quick with the lollipop & the sticker 🙂

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