Toys ‘R’ Us Birthday Club

Click here to sign up your kids for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club.  You have to re-register your child every year and now it’s easy because you can do it online!

Each year until your child turns 10, Geoffrey will send a special birthday greeting card and gift – just in time for the big day.

Bring your child in on their birthday and they’ll receive extra-special attention, including a birthday crown, a Geoffrey balloon… even an in store announcement letting everyone know there’s a lucky Toys “R” Us kid celebrating a birthday.

If you choose, club members can receive a special call from Geoffrey on their special day.

Please allow 6-8 weeks from when we receive your registration for your child(ren) to be enrolled and receive their birthday card.
Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is for children 10 and under.

I love to let my kids take 1/2 of their birthday money and go on a Toys “R” Us shopping spree on their birthday.  It’s fun to let them pick out what they want all on their own.  In their birthday card from Geoffrey, they usually get a $3 gift card!

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