Arizona Operation Military Kids

Arizona Operation Military Kids (a grant-funded program of University of Arizona Cooperative Extension/4-H Youth Development) present…

OMK Career Pathfinders Camp

Date: Tuesday, July 12 – Friday, July 15

Time: 1:30pm (Check-in July 12th) – 11:30am (Check-out July 15th)

Location: The University of Arizona Campus – Tucson, AZ

Eligibility: Event OPEN to Military Teens ages 13-16
(All Service Branches – Active Duty, Guard, Reserves – Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy)


Register: REGISTRATION PACKETS AVAILABLE by emailing Teresa Noon, Operation: Military Kids Program Director: [email protected]

IMPORTANT: WHEN REQUESTING REGISTRATION PACKET–Include the following information in your request:

Youth Name(s):

Youth Age(s):

Youth Gender:

Deployment Status of Service Member (if not currently deployed, dates of most recent deployment or upcoming deployment):

Branch of Service/Unit Service Member Represents:

OMK Career Pathfinders Camp is a residential (4 days/3 nights) camp located on the University of Arizona campus. OMK Career Pathfinders camp provides military teens with a “taste of college” experience and exposure to a variety of post-high school career options & life skills through hands-on, youth-focused activities and workshop sessions. All activities will focus on a variety of life-skills including: Self-Responsibility, Decision-making, Problem Solving, Adapting to Change (Resiliency), Teamwork, & Communication. Activities and workshop sessions will enhance skills in Science, Engineering, Technology, Healthy Living, Responsible Citizenship and much more!

IMPORTANT Please Note: This overnight camp program is part of a series of additional camping opportunities we were able to add to our Arizona Operation Military Kids Program for 2011 through grant funds from the Office of Secretary of Defense. Transportation to and from camp is the responsibility of the parent/guardian, as our funding did not allow for transportation. (Camp is located on the University of Arizona Campus in Tucson, Arizona.)

Questions, contact Teresa Noon at (520) 626-9085 or [email protected]

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