Cactus Keys Piano: Registration begins


The School Year Course begins Monday September 19, 2011

The tuition this year is still $650.00, but it breaks up differently than in past years. There are now 9 payments instead of 10. There is a registration fee of $15.00 (for scheduling etc.) plus September’s tuition of $50.00, due with registration. Tuition after that is $75.00 a month for the following 8 months starting in October and ending in May.
The materials fee of $25.00 (books) is due when a new book is ordered for your student, you will be notified when this fee is due.

Please register as soon as possible so that I can work out the schedule. I know that the start time is a week and a half away, unfortunately due to the events of the summer, that is how it worked out. If for some reason I cannot work out a lesson time that your student can attend, I will refund September’s tuition. So, please don’t wait until I have the schedule worked out to register, because I can’t work it out until I have most of the registrations! Lessons for the week of the 19th of September may not be permanent class times, it may take a few weeks before I come up with a concrete schedule.   ~ Miss Lisa


** Cactus Keys will also be offering guitar lessons with Dave Williams. Stay tuned for Blast off registration for guitar and piano!


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