BrainBox Playgroup

3 thoughts on “BrainBox Playgroup

  1. Kimberly Malmos -

    I have an 18 month old little girl and I would like to find a playgroup for her. Is this brain box group still going on or do know of any others that are on the weekend or evenings for working moms?

    1. Michelle -

      Hi Kimberly! I do not believe this BrainBox playgroup is still going on, but there are others during the week. I really don’t know of ANY sort of playgroup that goes on in the evenings or weekend. That is something we have been asked before…maybe someone should start one! It’s too bad that working moms don’t have many options. One way to at least see her around other kids and a way for you to meet other parents would be to go to Jump Up or Jumpoleenz…she is a good age for those places and she will have fun. Sometimes the libraries offer evening storytimes which might be another good option. Sorry I am not much help…good luck!

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