Party Ponies in Yuma

-20997309241317D996For those of you that enjoyed the ponies at the Champion Church Pumkin Patch, here’s the info you were looking for:

Party Ponies in Yuma

Planning a special event for your group of friends?   Party Ponies in Yuma can bring 4-5 ponies and horses (so moms can ride too!) but their big horses are gentle enough for even small kids. If it’s a small group, or on several occasions, Party Ponies can bring just 1 or 2. They can also bring ponies to parks like West Wetlands or someone’s home who has a little bit of room.  Check out the Party Ponies in Yuma Facebook Page for more information.



3 thoughts on “Party Ponies in Yuma

  1. Aviatrix -

    We had a family party with Party Ponies of a Yuma / Desert Horse Adventures earlier this year and now we take English Riding an equine education classes. Safety is a priority. We love watching and playing with the other animals. Ms. Jennifer is down-to-earth and makes us feel welcome. It is a little more expensive than others but the entire experience is worth it.

  2. Jennifer -


    One pony for one hour in Yuma is $100 and will be fun for up to about 12 children. Over 12, you’ll want to have a second pony for sure which is $50 for hour. If the ponies stay more than one hour, I prorate every fifteen minutes at the rate of $50/hour/pony.

    You can reach me at 208-290-7423 and I can re-explain/clarify the pricing or set an appointment.

    Thanks for your inquiry.


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