TUMCO Ghost Town

Last November, my family had a weekend full of visits to local ghost towns.  Here are some pictures of our trip to TUMCO.

TUMCO stands for The Union Mining Company and is located 25 miles West of Yuma.  Take I-8 west into California and take one of the first California exits, Ogilby Rd.  Once you get off at Ogilby, drive about 9 miles until you reach a sign that says “Gold Rock Tourist Attraction”. It will look like the arrow is telling you to turn left, but you actually turn right. Then you drive about a half mile to the little parking area.

At the entrance to the area, there is a sign and a place where brochures are available.  As we walked around TUMCO, there were numbered posts that corresponded to numbers on the brochure.  My boys had an absolute blast running through their “miniature grand canyon.”  The mini grand canyon was created from the water run off used during mining.

There were also old large rusted cyanide containers, foundations, a grave yard and mine holes to check out.  The mine holes were fenced off by barbed wire.

There was a ton of old tin out there – not sure how old or why.  Looks like some had been used for target practice.
This was such a great time for our family to enjoy the outdoors and explore together.  There was no one else out there and there were no restrooms or any other amenities.
Here are some websites with more information about TUMCO:

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  2. Notes For Nadia -

    I am so glad I came across your blog. I have a growing list of places to see and things to do with my kiddos and TUMCO was just recently added. While doing a little research, I came across your blog and it happens to have the most usueful information on TUMCO. Thanks for your help and welcome to Yuma.

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