New dentist office opens

Pacific Avenue Dental Care has opened at 1630 S. Pacific Ave., Suite 104, and is offering general, family and advanced cosmetic dentistry. The office can be reached at 783-0804.

The practice is owned and operated by Dr. Franklin D. Hulme, a cosmetic and family dentist with 30 years of experience who specializes in sedation (anti-anxiety). The practice also includes Dr. Brent Stanley, Dr. Jonathan Gardner and Dr. Lance P. Schneider.


3 thoughts on “New dentist office opens

  1. Miriam -

    My stepdaughter mother scheduled an appt fir my stepdaughter at this location and they were amazing!.. My stepdaughter is 2 yrs old and like most children she was a bit scared. The dentist was super nice and made it a fun experience for her and played w her in an educational way about teeth cleaning where she was comfortable w the dentist. I would definitely refer anyone to this office they’re very clean and the staff is very welcoming!

  2. Roxann -

    We were new to Yuma and tried Pacific avenue Dental Care and was thrilled with Dr. Gardner. He was very compassionate to our 6 year old and that takes alot considering that she was very nervous about going to the dentist. He did not try to sell us products that we did not need he only filled and cleaned our daughters teeth!
    We are also patients of Dr. Gardner and he goes out of his way to get us an appointments whenever we need one! Thanks Dr. Gardner !!!

  3. Sylvie -

    A friend of mine interviewed there recently and she declined the job offer as she was alarmed by how they treated patients, (a lot of over diagnosing) and
    we’re trying to get her to sell products to clients as part of her job requirement. The owners are not locally based.

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