Wanted: Preschool Reviews

Yuma has many preschools to choose and I know how difficult it can be to choose the right one for you.  To help other local Yuma moms, please post a review for the preschool(s) your child(ren) have attended.  It’s feedback from other moms that I find the most valuable in making this type of decision.

If you see the preschool your child has attended listed below, feel free to leave a comment under the specific post for that preschool or leave a comment here.

Thank you!

One thought on “Wanted: Preschool Reviews

  1. KC -

    Just had a major problem with Hand in Hand Christian Preschool. My son’s name was on the list for over a year and Ms. Parson told me that paperwork would start going out in April. I never received anything so I called her and she told me to wait until the end of May. Still nothing. So I called today and she said she sent paperwork to me twice and I never responded. She said that everything was now full. I told her I called her in April and she said she was so busy with phone calls she did not remember me calling. She kept saying that it wasn’t her fault and that it was the post office’s fault. She never once apologized or anything. She did offer to squeeze my son in another class but it still wasn’t what we wanted. I am very upset that I trusted this school and waited over a year to be brushed aside. Obviously it was a paperwork error on their part. Be very VERY careful if you put your child’s name on their list. They seem extremely unorganized!!!


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