East Wetlands Trail Closed (Temporarily)

News from the Yuma Visitor’s Bureau:

Construction work to close a portion
of Yuma East Wetlands trail

YUMA, ARIZONA – Just as April showers bring May flowers elsewhere, some April water work will improve willow habitat along the Colorado River in the months to come.
In the meantime, however, a portion of the Yuma East Wetlands trail (see map below) in the vicinity of the Herb Guenther Scenic Overlook north of the Ocean-to-Ocean Bridge will be closed temporarily while heavy equipment is being used in the area.
The trail will be closed from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday beginning Monday, April 2, for two weeks or less.  Signs will be placed along the trail when work is in progress and removed when construction is not active and the trail is safe to use.
“This is a temporary inconvenience that will result in a permanent improvement,” said Charles Flynn, executive director of the Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, which manages the environmental restoration area.  “By doing a little more excavation in this area, we’ll be able to use water more effectively and really help the willow habitat thrive.
“We know this is one of the best-used sections of the wetlands trail, so we apologize for the inconvenience,” Flynn added.  “But in the long run, it will be great for wildlife and provide a cool, green spot for people, too.”

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