So, what is “Stroller Strides”, anyway?


If you are like me, you have heard of Stroller Strides, but you probably thought it was just a bunch of moms walking around a park. Not true at all! If you are looking for a great workout, a way to meet other moms, and you don’t want to find childcare, Stroller Strides of Yuma might be perfect for you.

We are so lucky that Kristina Clarkson has finally started a Stroller Strides class here in Yuma! She is an energetic, fun leader who will make you sweat (and have fun, too). She is passionate about her work and has two adorable little ones of her own.

Stroller Strides is a 60-minute class that starts with a warm-up, power walking (stopping at stations for cardio and strength training using resistance bands and strollers) and ending with abs and stretching. There is usually a lot of goofy singing and craziness as the moms attempt to keep their little ones happy and engaged as they do something great for themselves! After class, the kids get a great reward – PLAYTIME! This is also a great time for moms to chat and get to know each other… friendships are definitely forged in this sort of environment. Thursdays are “craft days” that follow a monthly theme. The goal is to keep the kids learning and engaged so mommy can get her workout and have some fun with her little one. Click here to read more about the classes.

A few things you should know:

  • There is a one-time registration fee which will cover the cost of your resistance bands and craft supplies. The fee is $50, but only $45 for Moms Club Members and Government employees/spouses. You will also receive a goody bag filled with coupons from local companies and national partners.
  • There is no contract. Stroller Strides is a month-to-month program that costs $50/month ($45 for Moms Club members and government). Kristina also offers an “Ultimate Mom” package where you can sign up for 6 months and get 10% off the monthly fee.
  • Stroller Strides is not just a workout. It’s a social group, support system, a play group, and Kristina acts much like a personal trainer.
  • During the cooler months, sessions will be held at the local parks. In the summer, classes will be held at an indoor location (Southgate Mall).
  • Right now, Kristina offers four classes a week (in the morning), including a Saturday morning class for working moms.
  • Your first class is always FREE, so you should try it!
  • Click here for Stroller Strides of Yuma’s Facebook Page.
  • Click here for Kristina’s Stroller Strides Page, which includes class schedules and locations.
  • Click here to learn more about Yuma’s Mom’s Clubs.



One thought on “So, what is “Stroller Strides”, anyway?

  1. Kim -

    I love Stroller Strides! I was skeptical at first because I too thought it was just a bunch of moms strolling along but its a great workout! Not only do I get a great workout, I don’t have to worry about childcare (my daughter loves going), I get a chance to socialize and meet new people, and my child has fun at the playground or craft time. Highly recommended!!

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