Jazzercise in Yuma!

Jazzercise. Hmmm. What is that, exactly?

I have to admit, my mom went to Jazzercise back in the 80’s and, well, nothing your mom does is ever cool, right?

But the instructors at the two Yuma locations have convinced me that Jazzercise is super fun and a great workout!




                          THIS ———-> 







<———- NOT THIS







It’s a 60-minute class that works every body part, right down to your toes! They mix top 40 (FUN) music that will keep you moving and motivated.  Want to try it? The first class is always free.

There are plenty of class times to choose from, and child care is available at many of them for only $2 per child. Instructors must go through extensive training and a 6-week workshop.

Yuma Valley Jazzercise also offers Jr. Jazzercise for kids ages 4-12, and will be hosting summer camps starting in June!

The cost of Jazzercise is comparable to a gym membership. You can either pay a “walk-in” rate of $7.00, or you can pay by the month and go to as many classes as you want! Monthly memberships start around $40 but visit their Facebook pages to see the most up to date rates. There is a joining fee. Discounts are often given off the joining fees for teachers, military, nurses, and YUMAMOMS so be sure to ask!

There are two locations to choose from here in Yuma. Details are below.

Yuma Jazzercise (foothills)

11411 Fortuna Rd. #114, Yuma, AZ 85365 (see map)

(928) 246-0583


Yuma Valley Jazzercise

380 E. 16th Street, Yuma, AZ 85364 (see map)

(928) 919-2820


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