The Big Swirl!

Need a Happy Hour but the kids are in tow? Try the Big Swirl! The only buzz you will catch is a sugar high, but they offer a 25% discount on their delicious frozen yogurt all day until 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.

My kids and I really enjoy stopping in to grab a snack here, and it’s a great bribe if you have some errands to run in the Palms. It’s always nice and cool inside and there are awesome 80’s music videos playing on the flat screens. My daughter was laughing at Bon Jovi’s huge hair just the other day. They have a little kid’s table in the corner, complete with a blackboard and some chalk!

What I especially love about this place is that I can get them just a little bit of yogurt and it’s always in a cup. No cone, no huge portion, no mess. I let them choose 2-3 toppings and they are so happy. And, it’s a pretty good deal!

(Military gets a discount, too!)

Yuma Palms Regional Center (near Starbucks and Chuck E Cheese)
1418 S. Yuma Palms Pkwy
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 782-0231

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