Associates for Women’s Health

Associates for Women’s Health
1945 W. 24th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
(928) 341-4650

We have one doctor (Dr. Lokareddy) board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and three Nuse Midwives (Susan Rhoads, Annette Casey and Kathleen Embree). You have the option of choosing your care provider.

Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms in had to say about Associates for Women’s Health: (results from an online poll, May 2012)

“Annette Casey at Dr. Lokareddy…hands down.”

“Dr Lokareddy was amazing. He is very calm and collected. I have never been to a place where my OB was the doc who made certain he was there for the birth of my children until now.”

“Loved Annette Casey, she is so compassionate & knowledgeable. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Went to Dr Lewis when I miscarried & he has NO bedside manner or tact. Just straight out “there’s no heart beat”, not what a 1st time pregnant Mom wants or needs to hear :(

“I will add my kudos for Annette Casey, CNM. She delivered both my kids (2009 and 2011), and I will treasure the great memories of my pregnancies and deliveries under her care for the rest of my life. Annette is caring and supportive, but she’s also smart and tough. She’s well informed and takes her job very seriously. She cares about you and your spouse as people and clients, but she will always be very honest about what is/isn’t possible, what you should/shouldn’t expect, and what is/isn’t in your and your baby’s best interest. I trust Annette 100% – she has great instincts. Also, I’m a researcher and I was never able to stump her. She was ready for every question I ever had, offering me other perspectives and quoting research to back up everything she said. She’s a hugger too. :) I will miss her dearly when we move.”

“I agree, annette casey is amazing and I will never use anyone else as long as I’m in yuma.”

“I have had susie rodes at associates for womens health for my youngest son and annette casey for my oldest and both were great, I thought I would try a new place and doctor for my third and was I in for a surprise. I went to Dr Amon and womens health and he is great but everything else was a mess. Also when I went in for my 18w big ultrasond, I made it very clear since day one of my apt at 7 weeks I didnt want to know the gender and my account was even flagged, well i made it clear wih the tech for that 18w ultrasound and she asked me to look away when she was going down their and then said if I kept my boys clothes :( Not only did she ruine my suprise, they are very expensive compared to associates and I transfered care back to Suise Rodes and couldnt be happier. By the way it is a boy, she really did ruin it!”

“Annette Casey at Associate’s for Women’s Health– Dr. Lockareddy’s office is AWESOME!!! I have been all around Yuma and she knocks the socks off the rest of them~ by FAR!!! Plus, you don’t get the “switch” by having to see whoever is available!!!  Thank you Annette~ appreciate having you as my CNM!!!”

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4 thoughts on “Associates for Women’s Health

  1. Zuzana M. -

    I chose to be seen by Kathy Embree for my pregnancy in 2012/13 and gosh am I happy I did! She was wonderful! Very kind and caring. I saw her at all of my appointments and she also made it clear she was available for any questions and concerns at any time! Unfortunately I had to be induced at 39 wks and spend several says at YRMC, but Kathy came to check on us daily even after delivery. I sure am not looking forward to finding a new provider for my next pregnancy as we have moved to a different state… Kathy will be hard to beat! 😉

  2. Michelle E -

    Dr. Lokarredy is by far one of the most amazing doctors I have ever seen. I love Associates for Women’s Health and how small their staff is. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I saw so many doctors and never met a few. I had no idea who delivered my daughter. At this office I have seen Dr. Lokarredy at all but two appointments. He is fantastic with giving direct and to the point answers to questions. He was wonderful during my concerns with getting my amnio done (with another doctor) and walked me through everything. I also saw midwife Kathy Embree and just love her. Both of them get my older daughter involved with appointments and it makes her even more excited to be a big sister. HIGHLY recommend this office! I am looking forward to bringing our youngest into the world knowing he is my doctor and knowing the other staff is just as wonderful as Dr. Lokareddy is!

  3. happy mom -

    If you are looking for a good care provider who is going to be there for you when you need it , I would definetly recomend Dr.Lokarredy who I think is the best in town, he delivered my 2 boys (2006 and 2011 with no complications). Dr. Lokarredy is a nice person, who is always respecful and who has the compromise to do the best possible for his patients. “Thanks to Dr.Lokarredy and to all the staff in associates for womens health.”

  4. Ashley. G. -

    Annette Casey is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I had some issues at the end of my 1st pregnancy & she heled me thru everything & was very reassuring & informative & so kind! She went above &beyond to take preventative measures with my 2nd pr eganacy & everything was fine! She delivered my 2 boys & all 3 of my nieces 🙂 I highly reccommend her to anyone! <3 Thank you, Annette!

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