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Women’s Health Specialists is a large facility, very clean and they have nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) and obstetricians (MDs).  Their website offers a lot of great information and is easy to navigate.  And if you’d like to follow them on Facebook, click here.

Women’s Health Specialists takes Tricare insurance and no referral from your PCM is necessary for your first visit. (please verify with Tricare as their policy may have changed)

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12 thoughts on “Women’s Health Specialists

  1. Justine -

    I’ve been going to WHS for quite a few years now and love it. I’m used to military installations, so the impersonal/don’t remember my name game isn’t that big of a deal to me…heck my doctors kept getting deployed or tranferred and I’d NEVER see them again. I’ve seen almost everybody in the office (except Amon, which I really should make an appt with him next time LOL) I’ve had good docs, rude docs, awesome CPAs, etc. And yes, at a delivery it’s a toss up who will deliver your baby since the doctors trade on-call shifts but the hospital does have records on who will most likely be there if you ask. The great thing about not seeing the same doctor each time though, is there’s a good chance you’ll know or at least be familiar with ANYONE who walks through that LDRP door. Midwives, personal docs all have schedules too and I’ve heard lots of stories about my friends showing up in labor and when calling their doc find out their out of town…..so they see whoever is there anyway but are now very upset. Maybe I’m just more flexible than some and frankly…..at delivery time I don’t care who delivers my baby….I just want it out and in my arms. 🙂

  2. Anonymous -

    Although I really liked Dr Amon, I do not care for WHS. Not only do they not have an answering service but they are not as available as they claim to be. I’ve had an issue on a weekend, not an emergency but a time senstive issue, and found out that I couldn’t get ahold of anyone. I specifically asked about availability during my consult and when I complained that I had been mislead they didnt even address my concern. These types of delays are incompatible with infertility treatment and I lost alot of money (and still don’t have a baby) because they don’t have an answering service and frequently can’t get patients in for last minute appointments. If having your doctor available in case of an emergency is important, go somewhere else.

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  4. Wendy Peterson -

    Greetings! Kate, thank you for sharing your experience. I also want to thank the other posts, good and bad. I started at Women’s Health Specialists in November 2010. We have the highest quality doctors and staff in addition to adding maternal fetal medicine to our service line. This means we can take care of high risk pregnancies. We are also adding first trimester screenings, check out fetalscreening.com to learn more.
    If you have compliments or ideas of how to improve, please feel free to contact me. My email address is [email protected].

  5. Anonymous -

    Just wanted to say that i love WHS. Dr Amon is my OB but when he is unavailable i will see Dr Grogan. Dr Amon has always listened to my concerns about my body. We were unable to conceive for a while, Dr Amon listened to me and had me bring in my medical record to see what had been already done to find out what the problem was, he never made me repeat any procedures (only had me do blood/hormone level checks). Long story short, now i have twin boys who are two and with no medical intervention we have a third babyl! With the boys we had a c-section, however i expressed my desire to have a VBAC with my second pregnancy and i was granted my wish!!! Dr Grogan delivered my boys and a different dr who is not in the office delivered our daughter and he was remarkable and never went against my wish!!! Dr Amon takes his time and always has listened to my concerns and is very straight forward about things. Which i appreciate, unlike other drs that will beat around the bush or that frankly dont listen to their patients!! Dr Grogan is an amazing dr, a little short on time but as long as your healthy and baby is fine why should you be there extra time anyway! He has always listened and answered my questions! I will say there are a few drs there i will not see! Hope this helps!

  6. Anonymous -

    I too felt like just a number. I had some serious issues throughout my pregnancy and it was so hard getting any appointment. I tried to ask questions and was blown off. They spend NO time with you at all. I also don’t like that I didn’t have either of the doctors that I had seen through most of my pregnancy on my day of delivery. I had one (who I will not name) that I had never met. They were RUDE, did NOT listen to me or the nurses, and used intervention after intervention. My doctors I saw during pregnancy knew my birth plan and were confident we could implement it. There was absolutely NO need for any of the interventions I recieved. I will NOT be going back to them for future pregnancies.

  7. Linds -

    I moved here when I was 28 weeks pregnant and went to Dr. Suciu. I was totally clueless on where to go and who to go to. I checked out the website and it looked nice and clean and decided to give it a try. After my first appointment I wanted to cry. It was so impersonal and I felt like I was just a number. Each appointment I was maybe with the doctor for 5 minutes. One time I had a list of questions I wanted to ask and all of a sudden the doctor left and my appointment was over…all questions unanswered! I totally get the “south of the border” comment too. I always leave a little distubed because of all the REALLY young pregnant girls there too… If you’re looking for a more personal experience I would not recommend this place.

  8. Butterc587 -

    I moved to Yuma 35 weeks pregnant and just needed a doctor. I saw Dr. Sucuci, at first I though he was great that was until I was 41 weeks pregnant with a 10lb baby. I felt like I was being hearded through like cattle, he never remembered who I was or acknowledged any of my concerns of delivering a large baby.After begging and making daily appointments I was induced for 48 hours before they allowed me to have a C-section which I had asked for from the very begining.

  9. Walker -

    The facility I went to today seems very new. It was clean and professional….I was really impressed. Definatly not south of the border. I added a picture of the new building at the bottom of the post. I appreciate your comments. Other moms want to hear your opinion too!

  10. Anonymous -

    You are brave! I went there once and it was yucky. Great doctors, but the facility felt like I was south of the border. Yuma's real best kept secrets are our amazing midwives at Associates for Women's Health! Annette Casey and Susie Rhoades are amazing.

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