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Yuma is so lucky to have the Z Fun Factory! And with the addition of Waylon’s Water World, it is sure to be a destination of choice for kids of all ages (you know you love the Go-Karts!).

Here’s what they’ve got:


Pirate Playhouse

Pirate Playhouse (best for ages 3 and up, socks required) :  This set up is perfect….huge jungle gym that your kids can get lost in and the restaurant & bar are right there! It’s a great spot for an indoor play date because the parents can actually talk and have a drink or a meal and the kids will be entertained. Of course, once you are at the Fun Factory, the kids will want to go do all the other stuff…

Arcade:  Skeeball, Dance Dance Revolution, air hockey, and a game where you shoot at pirates…all this and more await you at the Arcade. Over fifty games are available and they do a pretty good job of keeping them in working order, although you might find a few not working at any given time. To play games you must purchase a “Fun Card” which can be reloaded as needed. You simply swipe your Fun Card to play games and the amount is deducted from the card. If you earn tickets on your game, they are automatically loaded onto your card, which you then redeem at the front counter for prizes.

Bumper Boats

Bumper Boats: Warning, you will get wet on this ride, especially if there are a couple of 9-year old boys in the other boats! True story. Anyway, since my kids are on the younger side I always have to get in with them, but if your child is school-aged, he or she can probably handle maneuvering the boat and using the water cannon just fine. The trick is not to get stuck under the waterfalls (at least for me…the kids probably love it). The boat ride is about 7 minutes long, and you can use your “Fun Card” to ride. ($3.00 for a driver, passengers ride free).


Miniature Golf


Miniature Golf:  It’s probably too hot to golf in the summer, but this is a great winter activity! The Fun Factory golf course is decorated in a sort of Madagascar-Meets-the-Old-West theme. I think children ages 5 and up are most adept, but the younger ones are just dangerous with a golf club. There are two 18-hole courses to choose from and it costs $5.00 per game. It’s only $3.00 for ages 3-6 and kids under 2 are free. Free, but dangerous 🙂

Go Karts





Go-Karts: The Go Karts are definitely for drivers age 16 and up, but they do have a couple of double-seaters so you can bring your child along for the ride! My 4-year old loved it when I took her for a spin (children must be at least 45 lbs). They are fast and loud but easy to get the hang of and lots of fun. You get a really long ride for the money ($5.00 per driver ticket).



Waylon’s Water World:  Open from 10am – dusk on the weekends and 2pm – dusk on Thursdays and Fridays…. awesome water park for all ages! They have a separate toddler area as well as huge water slides for the big kids (that includes you, parents).

A general admission day pass is $28 ($20 for half-day). Please see this post for more details. 

Best to check their website for updated prices and packages.

Birthday Parties: We have been to a few birthday parties at the Fun Factory and they do a pretty good job. Parties include pizza and soda, as well as balloons, plates, napkins and cups. You will have tables reserved for you for an hour and a half, then your guests are free to explore the facility. When we attended, each guest was give a $5.00 Fun Card to use in the arcade or on the bumper boats. You can always add money to your Fun Card. Basically, you just bring the cake and they do the rest! Click the link here for more information and call them for rates on your particular party needs.



Wanna see my favorite part? Yep. It’s the bathroom. I just love all the cool “factory”-like decor all over the facility, but the bathroom is just super fun. My kids get a real kick out of the motion sensors and barrels for the sinks. Really, who needs Go Karts when you have that?

The Z-Fun Factory is open from

10:00 am – 10:00 pm daily!

Questions? This is a pretty good FAQ.

They are located at 4446 East County 10th Street.

Basically they are on the Frontage Road that runs parallel to the I-8. The Fun Factory can be found between Avenue 3E and Araby Road on East County 10th Street / E 24th Street.

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  2. Nichole -

    Took boys here today…awesome, we were even able to take both boys on the big slides with us. People who worked there were friendly. We went after 2 and were there for three hours…plenty of time for small kids. The boys had a BLAST…great way to spend the afternoon with the family 🙂

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