NEW: Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids

6 thoughts on “NEW: Yuma Dentistry 4 Kids

  1. Candice -

    What a wonderful place! I had a bad experience with Kool Smile and could not get my child to go back. A friend of mine recommended yuma dentistry 4 kids and they were amazing, my children love them. Great staff!

  2. Patty -

    I took my child in there last week. He had a very bad experience at another dental office, and I could not get him to go back to a dentist. From the time he walked into this office, he loved it. The staff greeted him and talked directly to him. The whole office was so geared to kids and relaxing for them. They had fun with my child. The staff and the doctor were so aware of his needs. He actually did not want to leave and wanted me to book his next appointment right then and there (which I did)


  3. Miriam -

    I took my 4 and 5yr old a few months back and it wasnt the most pleasent experience. Like most younger children my kids were a bit nervous and the staff wasnt very friendly or inviting. They seemed a bit rushed and tried to force the cleaning and of course it didn’t go well because all it did was scare my other child and when his turn came up he was terrified and again they tried to force the cleaning but it was a waste of a visit. I guess I expected them to be a bit more patient or worse case scenario just make a pleasent experience and reschedule them in a different day. Instead they charged my insurance and now I have to wait another 6 months before I can take them in for a cleaning somewhere else. I will say the office is very clean and very presentable, and also i called the office to see if they charged my insurance so I can reschedule them at another office and since they did charge my insurance the office manager offered to schedule them in again for te cleaning so I was happy that they tried to make it better but unfortunately my kids are terrified of that office. I’m going to have to wait and reschedule them at a different dentist office. Again this was a few months back and my children weren’t very helpful either but I guess I expected more since they specialize in children.

  4. Sani -

    My 4 y/o son had his dental visit at this office earlier today and it was such a wonderful experience! I totally recommend this child friendly office and dentist that truly cared for his patients. My son, was apprehensive at first because of a previous Yuma office we had been to 6 months ago leaving him traumatized from that cleaning visit… So I’m thankful to have made the switch to THIS office. The entire staff was very caring and patient to not traumatize a child. This should be every pediatric dentist motto. .. all in all, it was a good checkup and he left with a toy in one hand and a balloon in the other… and oh yes, once again cavity free! See you in 6 months! 🙂

  5. Claudia Hernandez -

    Thanks to all the Doctors and staff. These people are so wonderful. I can name a few of the things they did. They are awesome. They are friendly. They will do anything for a child to be comfortable. Dr. Robertson went out of his way to help my child that was in pain. Thank you guys for all your hard work. And Thank you God for bringing Dr. Robertson and the staff.

  6. Ann -

    I went to this office for the first time last week. It was a great experience!!! The office was beautiful and clean. The staff was so good with my children. From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed and at ease. The doctor was really good with them and I left there with happy kids which is the most important thing of all. They have x-boxes and TV’s above every chair as well as in the waiting room. My kids can’t wait for their next visit in six months.

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