Yuma Ballet Academy

3942 S. Avenue 4 1/2 E
Yuma, AZ 85365
(928) 314-4762

The Yuma Ballet Academy is the ballet school affliated with Ballet Yuma. The lessons start at age 3 and up.

The Early Childhood Dance Program is for children age 3-6 and are offered both in the day and evening. The classes are 45 minutes in length. Click here to see schedule.

The ballet program starts at age 6 and continues through an adult class. The classes start at 45 minutes but can be longer depending on skill level of the dancer. The dancers skill level will also determine the number of days per week he/she will be attending class.

Yuma Ballet Academy is a classical ballet school. The students are only offered ballet (no tap, hip hop or jazz) and have the opportunity to participate in Ballet Yuma productions including the Nutcracker. The dress code for the academy is pink tights, a black camisole or tank style leotard and pink ballet shoes for girls and black shorts, a white tee shirt and black ballet shoes for boys.

Yuma Moms speak out.  See what other moms had to say about Yuma Ballet Academy:

“Yuma Ballet Academy teaches ballet -not booty shaking- to dancers starting at age 3.”

“My daughter enjoyed Yuma Ballet Academy.”

“We love Yuma Ballet Academy. Miss. Emma teaches the little ones and she is amazing. They love her! The training is top notch and our older dancers have opportunities to dance around the country. Miss. Kathy brings in professional dancers and choreographers throughout the year so the older girls get a chance to work with people recognized in the arts for their work. Check out:http://www.balletyuma.org/. They’re also on FB; search under Yuma Ballet Academy.”

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4 thoughts on “Yuma Ballet Academy

  1. Laura -

    Having a child that attend Ballet Yuma/Yuma Ballet academy when we lived in Yuma was such a blessing. We have sinced moved and have yet tto find a studio that compares on technique, professionalism and education.

    1. Dance Mom -

      I have had tree children dance over the course of 19 years. Do any of you really what to see your little sweet girls jiggling their bodies? Let alone the very scad costumes Dawn’s is infamous for? Is your child in need of self-discipline? Desire a future in dance? Ballet is the answer. More and more, the professional dance world only looks for classical ballet trained dancers to fill, yes…the roles of even the gyrating, belly-popping dancers in music videos. Why you ask? Simple, good training stands out. Nothing beats the technical abilities that can only be obtained through a well-knowledged ballet instructor. Ballet technique allows a dancer to take-on any form of dance. Casting, directors, & choreographers all know this very well. They look for not only the training, but the proof through technical execution.

      Still set on enrolling in the bump & grind studios; check their past photos of costumes, view video footage of past performances. Judge for your self. But please. please do not fall short of either your ethics nor integrity, because “that’s what it takes to nail the part”.

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