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Yuma Preschool
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Yuma Preschool is open from 6:30am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday and offers both full day and half day programs.  Classes are available to children ages 2 through Pre-K and all children to enter Yuma Preschool must be toilet trained.   Morning and afternoon snacks as well as lunch are provided as part of your tuition.  Families that have more than one child enrolled from the immediate family will receive a discount for the 2nd child and every child thereafter.

Yuma moms speak out. See what other moms in Yuma had to say about Yuma Preschool:

“My eldest daughter attended Yuma Preschool several years ago. She tested very high into Kinder, is now in 5th and has held excellent grades since! I really feel as a working mom that Yuma Preschool has the staff, the curriculum and the values that will significantly benefit your child. Now, my youngest daughter attends Yuma Preschool and she is getting the same attention, values, and education that her older sister did. Not to mention, it’s always a warm setting; You don’t feel like your child is institutionalized throughout the day! Its always a happy atmopshere and the staff actually listens to any concerns that you may have. Location location location! 32nd St. is busy, but access is easy in/out and centrally located!”

“My husband and I chose Yuma Preschool after hearing everyone at work recommend it. We are not disappointed! Our son loves school, is always talking about what he’s learned, the friends he has made, and the projects he has created. There is a daily routine, loving teachers, and a completely covered play area. We are happy we made this decision for him and for his future.”

“Both of my daughters went to Yuma Preschool. They both loved it and I loved having them there. The teachers were loving and caring as well as being great teachers. I felt they genuinely cared about the kids, from the Christmas program to the Pre K graduation, they always made every child feel special. As a parent I would recommend them. My oldest daughter “graduated” in 2000 and most of the teachers she had are still there – that should say something about the quality of childcare/learning they are providing. LOVE YUMA PRESCHOOL!”

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15 thoughts on “Yuma Preschool

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  2. Maria -

    Yuma Preschool is amazing! It’s a wonderful feeling to leave your children at a place knowing they are cared for and completely safe. They have talented and loving teachers. Our twins have learned so much, it blows my mind! Everyone greets the parents and kids with a smile. I cannot say enough good things about Yuma Preschool. It is worth every penny. I only wished they would offer Kindergarten class!

  3. Dania -

    We love Yuma Preschool, our daughter spent about 2 1/2 years there. It’s clean which is unlike other day cares. The staff and teachers are great. Ms Duke and Ms Shelly are just amazing. My daughter was reading by the time she graduated, she is doing so well in Kindergarten now. Every time we pass by the school, my daughter mentions how much she wants to go back there, I bet she has ever lasting memories in that place. I am glad we made that choice.

  4. BabyBumpBeyond Heather -

    Thanks for posting! We just found out that we are getting transferred to Yuma this August. I hope we can get our daughter in and make some new friends in the community!

  5. Erika Massery -

    My daughter has been attending Yuma Preschool since December 2010 and we absolutely adore it. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and the school itself is warm and welcoming…exactly how a preschool should be! The education my daughter is receiving is so impressive and I truly couldn’t be happier. The art projects she brings home cover her play room and are a constant reminder to me of what an exceptional preschool this is.

    My mother is a 1st grade teacher in Yuma and she says the children who attended Yuma Preschool always seem to be at least a few steps ahead which speaks volumes as to the type of standards the school holds itself and students to.

    Nothing bad to say about this school, whatsoever.

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  7. Maria -

    I initially enrolled my daughter in the 2 day a week program last spring, when the Pre-K Academic year started in August, she began going five days a week. I cannot begin to tell you all the wonderful things she has learned. She knows the days of the week in order, she knows about Johnny Appleseed, about the Pilgrims, Betsy Ross, the solar system…too many wonderful things to mention. The activities that they have for the children are awesome. Everything that they do is a learning experience. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Pre-K class Halloween Party and I was amazed at the way Mrs. Duke and Ms. Raquel handle the children. Everyone at the school is amazing. My daughter looks forward to seeing Miss Randy and Miss Frances every morning. All the staff treat the children with kindness, compassion and respect, I could not ask for anything more. Not only does my daughter look forward to school everyday, but so do I knowing that she is learning so much and is in the company of such amazing people.

  8. Shannon Rouff -

    Our oldest son, who is 3, started attending Yuma Pre-School this past June. He started only going 2 half days per week but he loved it so much that he started going 5 days a week! I am a teacher and when I went back to school in August, he started attending full-day and he LOVES it! About a month ago, he came home and was able to tell me all of the days of the week and the months of the year in the correct order!!! I was amazed! The staff is phenomenal and you can see that they truly love the kids. My 3 year old loves school so much that he he gets upset on the weekends because he can’t go to school. I brag about Yuma Pre-School to all of my co-workers and friends! Sending your child to Yuma Pre-school will be one of the best decisions you will make as a parent.

  9. Steve Pallack -

    I have sent four kids through Yuma Pre-School and I can’t imagine them getting as better basis for their education, both academically and socially. I found the Staff to be the epitome of what a parent would want for their children, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, but also firm when needed. Two of my daughters are out of high school now, but still talk about their teachers there and sometimes stop in to say hello. Although we never looked elsewhere for care for our children, I would recommend Yuma Pre-School to any parent, and have to many. Miss Karen, Miss Sandy, Mrs. Duke, Miss Cindy, Miss Jeri, and all the others that were there and are there, thank you for doing such a great job!

  10. Kristy Leon -

    My daughters attend this school. They’ve been there for several months now, and we tried to call that busy day as well, but I would like to say that I call the school OFTEN and check in on my kids, and I always get through. Truly, that must have been an exception to the norm for this school, as they have always been very accessible to me and welcome my calls to check in at any time. This school is well run, and the teachers are competent. Everyone there is very nice and the teachers have undeniable experience when you see them in action. A couple of them have been there for over 20 years. The kids like all of the teachers, and the aids as well. I’m always greeted with a smile there, every single day, by EVERY staff member. The teachers are enthusiastic and energetic and have excellent control of the classroom. It looks much more like a school than a daycare to me. I cannot say enough good things about it really. They have been extremely accommodating of our daughter’s special needs as well. I don’t worry about the kids being safe there while I’m gone, because the teachers are conscientious and the playground is very safe for the kids. The teachers are invested in how well the children do, and really seem to work to help them LEARN. My kids already know the pledge of allegiance! And they do the CUTEST crafts! The teachers are so kind with me, and work with me on any personal goals I have for my children. We thought of relocating to the Imperial Valley recently, and the school was actually one reason we chose to stay. It has met and exceeded my expectations. I doubt I could find another one I like better… I’ve no reason to even look, thus far. 🙂

    1. Sandy Curtis -

      Valery, so sorry for your frustration yesterday. Our phone has been ringing off the hook with parents like yourself wanting information on our school and some of these calls were very lengthy. Please come in and see what we have to offer. Site tours are better then phones call anyways.

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