Yuma Women Clinic

The Yuma Women Clinic is a fairly new OB/GYN office here in Yuma, run by a husband and wife team.

(Dr. Nader Haddad and Dr. Dania Sweidan).

As of February 2013, they are accepting Aetna, Cigna and Tricare as in-network.

1025 West 24th Street #22

Yuma, AZ  85364

(928) 248-4630

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24 thoughts on “Yuma Women Clinic

  1. Christy -

    Dr. Sweidan is an incredible doctor. She delivered my son in February and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an OBGYN. She truly went above and beyond for me and I never felt rushed during appointments which I appreciated. The office was clean, appointments were easy to schedule, and there was never a long wait in the waiting room. Her staff was very friendly and professional as well. My only complaint is I wish they had a phlebotomist on site because it would make blood draws more convenient, but that is so minor compared to the outstanding medical care you receive from Dr. Sweidan.

  2. Lileth -

    I recently had a hysterectomy because I was having heavy bleeding. Throughout all of this, Dr Sweidan helped me decide what I wanted to do with my body. She listened to me. Dr. Sweidan is the most caring gynecologist I have ever seen. Thanks to her, I am healthy again.

  3. Elizabeth -

    After an awful experience at another Ob/Gyn office and being told that I had had a missed miscarriage, I was blessed to find Dr. Haddad. From the moment my husband and I first met with him he has been incredible. Not only was he able to give me options to keep me from an unnecessary surgery, but his compassion in this unfortunate and heartbreaking experience has been beyond words amazing. He is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever gone to. While undergoing the procedure needed for the miscarriage he called over the weekend just to check on the progress, takes time to talk everytime I am in the office. and has a bedside manner that is superb. The office staff have been no different-they know me by my first name and are extremely kind. I honestly cannot say enough about Dr. Haddad and will for sure see him for all future needs.

  4. Heather -

    Dr. Haddad’s staff is friendly and you will always feel welcome. With other Obgyn doctors in town your wait is at least 30 minutes, sometimes even an hour, but with Dr. Haddad you will never have to wait too long to receive the best service there is. As a woman, who is most uncomfortable talking about her body, I never feel insecure or afraid to talk about anything with Dr. Haddad. He is dedicated to his patients. He is a great Listener, very responsive and really cares for his patients.

    I have endometriosis and have been to different doctors in town. I went to see him to get a third opinion. He explained everything in details, draw pictures and even showed me on the computer. He personally called to let me know about my results. He told me to call if I have any pain and he said he is only a phone call away and indeed he was only a phone call away. He is very accessible, one of my friends had a surgery done by another doctor in town and she was trying to reach him for four days and couldn’t, she finally called Dr. Haddad and she told she was talking to him in less than a minute. Thanks Dr Haddad for the help and the referral. !

  5. Kristi -

    Finding a good OBGYN is not an easy thing to do. Finding a OBGYN that makes you smile and want to return is even better. I moved to Yuma over two years ago from the Bay Area and have been looking for a Doctor like Dr. Swiedan. I immedately liked her. She provided quick and decisive answers and options. When performing my surgery she could have taken the easy road out by performing a surgery that would have increased my time off of work, but she was talented and determined enough to consider my needs and performed the surgery the way I needed it done. The office staff was able to fit me into the appointment times I needed and was very friendly and helpful. Dr. Swiedan and her staff have my highest recommendation.

    1. Yuma Women Clinic -

      Dr Sweidan and her appreciate the positive feedback. We strive to serve every patient with the best, most advanced medical knowledge. We value the importance of continuity of care and we take pride that we provide that to our patients. In our clinic you will have the advantage of having one provider taking care of you all the time and every time you come, no need anymore to jump in between providers and have to explain your story one more time.

  6. M Lopez -

    Dr Haddad took care of me in one of the most critical times of my life.. He was so attentive, explained things in great details, was so compassionate yet able to make decisions and in my case were very tough ones but he knew what to do to make sure I am fine at the end. His office staff is courteous and kind. They have a medical assisstant who is vety nice and makes you feel very comfortable. her name is Brianna. I don’t have a lot to say about dr Sweidan since I don’t know her but from what I hear about her it seems that she is as nice.

  7. Anonymous -

    I thought several times before writing this. I went to see Dr Haddad for annual exam and i was really impressed. I am lesbian and when i say that to other previous obgyn they just stare at me for a second and then go on like they never heard what I said. Dr Haddad was different, he was very knowledgable, counseled me and simply put DIDN’T STARE AND KEPT GOING. He is such a great person and doctor.

  8. Suzanne Edais -

    Dr. Sweidan is a knowledgable person on her field,,, she took her time with me and care too much,, Dr. Sweidan is sharing the office with her husband and that made me feel like home,, their place is so warm and comfortable moreover is clean and higenic.. I wish them all the best

  9. Andinet -

    I am very pleased with the treatment and service I received at Yuma Women Clinic. Dr. Haddad explained my medical condition and his recommended treatment path with clarity. He listened to my concerns, answered my questions and provided me with more literature so that I could be more informed. While he was flexible enough to consider my preferences, he acted based on his medical knowledge and convictions. At the end, when surgery proved inevitable, my husband and I were well-informed and assured that I was in good hands with Dr. Haddad performing the surgery. I am very grateful that a potentially life and death situation was averted due to Dr. Haddad’s diligence.

    Likewise, I only have great things to say about Dr. Sweidan. She was the OB/GYN I saw the most two years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. She was friendly, knowledgeable, and answered my questions. In my experience, it is rare to find physicians who really listen and take time to get to know their patients. Finally, at Yuma Women Clinic, I found what I had been searching for–excellent medical care and compassionate ears.

  10. Emma -

    This place is great! the service is priceless and exceptional The waiting room is clean and comfortable as are the exam rooms. EVERYBODY who works there is warm, professional, and the doctors are extremely knowledgeable they will take time to answer your questions, you will never feel rushed.

  11. Adriana -

    I have the pleasure to be working with Dr. Haddad and Dr. Sweidan they are both wonderful doctors !! They have both been very courteous and kind to me and with my short time working with them I’ve learned so much. They are both very knowledgeable and just so nice and very caring. Its such a wonderful working environment and its always nice to know that you are working with one of the best doctors in town yes they are new practice but i know they will become very successful.. So to anyone that wants to a new obgyn doctor come and check out Dr. Haddad and Dr. Sweidan you will not be disappointed !!!

  12. Lucia -

    I can’t express how pleased I am with my experience there. The staff and Doctors were very nice and pleasant. Most importantly is that I didn’t have to wait at all. They were very prompt and saw me right away.
    I saw Dr. Sweidan and she was extremely friendly. She will be my Obgyn from now on. I am happy they are here in Yuma, because we needed good doctors with good chairside manners.

  13. Andrea G. -

    I am so thankful that I am under Dr. Sweidan’s & Dr. Haddad’s care.They have an amazing bedside manner,are very professional and are extremely compassionate & sensitive to all of your concerns and needs!…I am so very blessed to have them both! They both took wonderful care of me during my first pregnancy(which was high risk)..they always made sure I had the best of care. I am so thankful they are looking out for my current 2nd pregnancy with my twins~…I can honestly say they are the best doctors you will ever find around!.They are always so pleasant to be around and make you feel totally comfortable no matter what your situation is..I trust them completely and would never even consider going to any other practice or obgyns now,because they always go out of their way and above and beyond to give the most excellent care to their patients.It is so rare to find doctors with such vast knowledge & intelligence these days that really care about their patients and are 100% genuine like Dr. Haddad & Dr. Sweidan are.(Word of advice)~ if you are looking for amazing drs & dont want to drive out of town or state Please consider them both,you won’t be dissapointed I assure you.


      Thank you so much for these nice words. We strive to serve every patient with the best, most advanced medical knowledge. We value the importance of continuity of care and we take pride that we provide that to our patients. In our clinic you will have the advantage of having one provider taking care of you all the time and every time you come, no need anymore to jump in between providers and have to explain your story one more time.

  14. Sara -

    Dr. Sweidan is more than a doctor to me. She is like friend I can trust with my health and my life. On my very first appointment, she spent almost an hour with me going over my medical history and talking with me about my feelings and my family. She made me feel so comfortable…..as if I had known her for years. She did not judge me based on my medical conditions and went above and beyond diagnosing and treating me. When i had surgery (She just did my hysterectomy) i was extremely nervous. She did her best to put me at ease by sitting with me before surgery and walking along side me as they wheeled me into the operating room. After my surgery she called me a few times to check up on me. Dr Haddad saw me the next day in the hospital and has was so nice to me and gave me detailed instructions on what to do and what not do but that was my only experience with him.

    Her office is just off 24th st by the hospital. Not the biggest office in town but for me it was the friendliest. Very private if you are looking for some privacy, she explained to me that she tries to space out patients so that every patient would have privacy from the moment she walks into the office. Over all i’m very pleased with the care i received from Dr S!

  15. Ana -

    They are such a great doctors, you will not regret having them taking care of you and your baby. Dr.Sweidan is woderful, she explains everything in detail, answer all your questions and you can see that she care about her patients. The most important Dr. Haddad and Dr. Sweidan always have a smile on their face.

  16. liz -

    Yeeeeeh..I get to be the first to review Dr Haddad ! I have seen several Obgyns in town. Most of them are nice but I haven’t seen someone as nice as dr Haddad, he is courteous and kind. he just loves what he is doing and loves to explain everything to his patients. That sounds a given, but believe me a lot of the doctors don’t do that. He still has that passion to his patients and actually takes the time to do that. You can tell he has a great wealth of knowledge and always ready to share and encouraged me to ask as much questions as I want. He is happy, smiling and makes you so happy. I have already referred some of my friends to see him and their experience were not different than mine. I think Yuma needs such doctors.


      It is so nice and refreshing to read these nice words. We deeply believe that our patients are the reason why we are here and that they are not an interruption for our day. This why we give out patients all the attention, we listen carefully and sincerely to them.

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