Yuma Lutheran School – Reviews Needed!

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  1. Debbie -

    My child has attended Yuma Lutheran School for 9 years, kinder-8th grade. YLS has been an excellent choice for her. She has participated in all of the school sports for 4 years and I have found the sports program to encourage all children to participate, no matter what their skill level and it gives them all a sense of accomplishment as well as caring and responsible coaching. I taught in the public school system for 30 years and there is no comparison ! YLS offers excellent teachers, some of the best!! I have a friend that is a school counselor at the high school district and she says that they love getting the high caliber of students from YLS. It is sad when one parent will try to ruin the fine reputation of a very good and proven education program and its superior teachers and staff. My child has excelled in every aspect of her education at YLS and I hope that if you are considering putting your child at this school that you will check the real facts and not listen to the rantings of a very unreliable source!!

  2. Katie -

    My family has only had children enrolled within their middle school program. We moved our daughter over there from public school because we were concerned with environment in the public middle schools. I have not found their educational program to be superior to what my daughter experienced in public school. She was not academically behind the children who had always attended Yuma Lutheran School (YLS).
    I found they have a fabulous 7th grade teacher at YLS, Kelly Singer, and a great math teacher, Mrs. Joynt. However, all the other teachers my daughter has had in the middle school program at this school have been mediocre to poor. We have especially been dissatisfied with thier 8th grade teacher, Mr. Harmon. However, Mr. Harmon’s brother is the head pastor at the church; so, it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere anytime soon. His abilities in the classroom as an educator as well as his role as the school sports program administrator have been astonishingly poor. I made numerous attempts to work with him on several issues with little to no improvement. I will never again allow one of my children to be under his care. I also tried to involve the school principal, Mr. Block, in these issues. He took a total hands off approach to the situations. In fact, emails I sent him about issues with the school sport’s program were never dignified with a response from him as principal of the school.
    I have also found that the administration is slow to get involved and take action with staff and students even when serious issues are raised. Last year, another middle school-aged child threatened to kill my child verbally and in writing. She showed my daughter her ‘kill list’ which included several other students at the school. When my daughter informed her teacher of these issues, the teacher had a ‘talk’ with the student and nothing else was done. In these days where children are actually bringing guns to school and killing other children, I found the callousness with which the situation was handled to be alarming. I found out later that the girl’s family was one of the major donors to the school. So apparently, financial donations trump school safety at YLS.
    I have heard that 2012 is Mrs. Joynt’s last year at YLS. Thus unless your child will be placed in Mr. Singer’s class, you have no interest in your child participating in their sports program, and school safety is of little value to you, I would not recommend this school to other families.

    1. Moe -

      It is sad to read this comment by such an angered parent that just needs to vent. I disagree with what is mentioned about the education program based on my own childs experience and from what high school principals say in writing about yuma lutheran students, I have done my research. The school has fabulous teachers, including Mr. Harman, also based on personal experience. My child has done sports for yuma lutheran and I am very happy with the program and the sports director. I do believe it is hard being a coach, especially when you there are parents that think their child is the best on the team but does not show up for practice and expects playing time. It is not fair for the players that do show up for practice. Mr. Harman organizes all the games between other schools, the banquet, snacks, graduation, pe, teaching, and so much more. Instead of parent complaints he deserves gratitude and maybe help from the whining parents that usually do not help in any way. I am very pleased with principal block, he is amazing, of course he cannot please every parent. He has taken action in any situation I have brought to him. We are a family at yuma lutheran, we do not need parents like you.

      1. nett -

        Ditto on the lack of handling disruptive/ mean children at the school. We pulled our two children out of there for the same reasons mentioned in a previous posting. Still catering to the few and heck with the rest of us. I’m very sad it came to this. When we started there it was nice, now same issues with the middle school kids. Homeschool or just move away from this town. The options here are on the grim side.

  3. carmen -

    My son goes Lutheran school and he really likes there.
    Because the teachers and staff are very kind and love children.
    And the principal is very very nice and kind person.
    Specially I like they have bible study time and worship.
    So children can learn about the love of God and they love other people as they learn.
    I really like this school and I want to recommand to all.

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