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This is the time of year when lots of new people are moving into Yuma! If you are one of them, here is some information that you will hopefully  find helpful. Even if you aren’t new to Yuma, you might be a new parent and hopefully it will help you as well!

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Top Ten Things Every Yuma Mom Should Know:


  1. Get to know the City of Yuma Parks and Recreation Department. Read their awesome Activities Guide and get signed up for swim lessons, Twinkle Toes dance, Firetruck Fitness, art class, soccer, gymnastics and TONS more! These programs are wallet-friendly and your kids will love staying busy this summer. Most of these programs are for kids ages 3 and up (lots for teens, too).
  2. Look for Mom Reviews of  local dentists, pediatricians, dance studios, music lessons and much more on the website.
  3. If you have young children (especially ages 0-5), join a Mom’s Club! This is the best way to get to know other stay-at-home moms of young children in Yuma. There are two chapters (Foothills and Valley) of MOMS Club and there are other mom-groups as well.
  4. Visit your local Library. They have great (FREE) programs for kids of all ages, including storytime, crafts, special events like magic shows and jugglers, and the library is also the perfect place to hang out while introducing your child to a love of reading.
  5. Jump their jiggles out at Jump Up or Jumpoleenz, or burn some energy at one of the local indoor playgrounds on a hot summer day.
  6. Learn about Yuma’s great You-Pick farms and fun Farmer’s Markets (these are mostly active in the winter months). Bountiful Baskets is another great way to get a fresh sampling of produce (and other goodies) for a great price. After all, Yuma is the Winter Vegetable Capital of the World. 
  7. There is plenty of family friendly entertainment here in Yuma. Movie theaters, bowling alleys, Arcades and Entertainment Centers, lots of fun public events and festivals, awesome parks (especially the unique “Castle Park”), lots of outdoor fun for all seasons, the Cocopah Speedway, and of course, plenty of water fun!. I am sure you have heard that it’s hot here.
  8. Know what to do in case of an emergency. Here is some information about pet emergencies, and here is some info about Urgent Care and the ER for the human varieties.
  9. The Treehouse offers drop-in care for children ages 2-12. It’s a safe, fun place for your kids to hang out while you get settled here in Yuma.
  10. Read every day! That’s really all you need to know. 😉

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Some other great (and funny) advice from our readers:

  • “Vinegar keeps scorpions off the floor”
  • “Yuma is what you make of it. There’s always something to do, so go out and find it and enjoy it.”
  • “There is an allergy alert system that tells you when to keep asthmatic or allergy prone kids inside because of wind, etc.”
  • “Yuma is a great place to live. It’s the native Yumans that make it awesome. So expect to drive slow and talk to strangers and see that there is beauty in this desert place.”
  • “You will always be cold when you go to San Diego.”

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