New Playgroup for Yuma Moms & Tots

meet up logoA new playgroup in Yuma has emerged on MeetUp. ¬†Their first meet-up is a pool party at a member’s house scheduled for Thursday, September 5th at noon.

We will do a variety of home playdates, park playdates, arts & crafts, moms night out, stroller walks, parties, family events and other activities. Volunteers to host playdates, whether at your home or somewhere else, are welcome. With the exception of some infant/toddler only playdates, most events will be open to kids of all ages. We will not have a strict attendance policy like most groups, so you will not need to worry about being removed from the group. Most of our events will be scheduled more around the schedule of stay at home parents, but there will be some weekend, evening, and family events as well.

meet up group

There is currently a $10 annual membership fee to cover the expenses of the MeetUp group.  Prospective members will need to attend a public event before membership is approved.

Click here for more information.

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