Ashley’s Party Supplies

ashleys-banner-websiteAshley’s Party Supplies

Over 20 Jumpers in Stock ranging in price between $65-$150
(928) 314-0652
Cell: (928) 210-3749
1250 W. 9th St, Yuma, AZ. 85364
Open Every Day 9a.m. – 8 p.m.

At Ashley’s Party Supplies, we have everything you need to make your next event complete.  We offer inflatable jumpers, inflatable waterslides, moonwalks, tables, chairs, karaoke jukebox’s, Combo Slides, Slides & DJ equipment.

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4 thoughts on “Ashley’s Party Supplies

  1. Benjamin -

    Coco, we find this message to be very old. We are sorry we had not seen it. We are from Ashley’s party supplies, and we truly wish we could of helped you in your park event. If you need any of our rentals for your future events please visit our new web site:
    Our new information is: 3251 E. Gila Ridge Road #A, Yuma AZ 85365
    Thanks and have a wonderful day.

    Extras… Thank you yumamom for this space in your website.

  2. Coco -

    I really need help I’ve been calling all kinds of jumper places and nobody seems to answer the phone or return any calls my baby’s birthday is tomorrow at Sanguinetti Park at 3 o’clock and I really really would like to have a jumper for herpreferably the waterside please somebody contact me back and tell me what to do

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