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A YumaMom’s gotta do what a YumaMom’s gotta do. And sometimes, it involves chicken nuggets.

The kids have energy to burn and hey, they gotta eat! Yuma has a bunch of fast food eateries that also feature jungle gyms for the kiddos. I like to go mid-morning when there aren’t too many kids there, and maybe just buy them a smoothie or oatmeal. Mid-afternoon is a good time to go too….and McDonalds has a super cheap and yummy soft-serve ice cream cone that is the perfect special treat.

Here’s a run-down: 


McDonalds: 2501 South Ave. B (near the corner of Ave B and 16th St). My personal favorite! This one is small, clean, and features a little slide for your crazy 18-month old. Good tables / seating for adults, too.



McDonalds: 2560 South 4th Avenue (next to the YMCA). Your kids will love getting lost in this intricate jungle gym! Kids under three might have trouble navigating this one, but it’s so cute to see the older kids helping the younger ones.



Burger King: 581 East 16th Street (right near the I-8 & Arizona Ave, next to IHOP). I am not a huge fan of this one. I found it dirty and cramped in the space provided. They have a few arcade games which pretty much block the door. But the kids like it and it’s convenient to the shopping area of Yuma. The actual climbing structure is cool.



Burger King: 1501 Avenue B (down the street from Arizona Donuts, and across the street from Round Table Pizza). Want to see your kids go crazy like a rat in a maze? Bring them to this Burger King. Seriously, it took my (usually smart) five-year old about 30 minutes to figure out how to get into those cockpit looking things at the front. Can yours do better?




Carl’s Junior: 1020 East 16th Street (right next to the I-8). Carl’s Jr has a huge jungle gym and even has a section for Toddlers (ages 4 and under).


3 thoughts on “Fast Food Play Areas

  1. Charity -

    Thanks so much for posting this! We stopped in Yuma on our drive to Phoenix and back to San Diego. Thanks to the great play areas at the places we stopped to eat, out two and five year old kids didn’t even mind the drive. Of the two places we stopped, the Carl’s Junior was our kids’ favorite.

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